160 reviews
  • Using it (the main app i mean) with regular license from year. It's the best in this field and value all the money. Update frequently of the main app ... i remove one star only for this addon because i'm waiting from 2 years that you add a way to customize the shortcut ... in some languages the default shortcut are already in use by firefox itself ... i'm unable to use the ALT-SHIFT-C for example. Please add the way to customize the shortcut and you gain the last star ! :)
  • As far as i know the best picture downloader for many different websites.
    All few weeks updates for the program.
    Sure you can use it only some times without a time restriction, but its absolutely worth the price.
    Great and friendly support.
  • Works well, very nice addition to my Firefox
  • After 2 weeks it " free-of-charge for a trial " addition starts to be engaged in extortion! That there will be obstacles for use of addition with the declared restrictions, the developer does not warn.

    Через 2 недели это, якобы "бесплатное для триала" приложение начинает заниматься откровенным вымогательством! Однако о специальных дополнительных препятствиях при использовании приложения с заявленными триальными ограничениями разработчик не предупреждает.
  • BID is by far the best image extractor around. I have been using it for years with all of the ease of peeling a banana. One can't go wrong with this program. I would give it 10 stars if it was possible.