Perspective Rated 5 out of 5 stars

*** Hacking: Not BugMeNot's problem; in fact, this is quite firmly the forum's (or the visitor's for not reading the forum's ToS). If you have DHCP on the WAN side of your router, a forum can incorrect detect an IP / authenticator change, and autoban an IP . That's something between bad luck, lazy administrators, and oversensitive knee-jerk rules engines. If the forum's ToS clearly indicate that "thou shalt not use fake accounts" and you do anyway, thereby showing the forum logs that the same username is logging in from 12 locations simultaneously, then of course you'd look like a hacker. This is normal self-defense, and it is the visitor's problem, lesson learned. In both cases, BMN is not at fault.
*** Pay First: No, not necessary. Assuming it is and rating low ignores (all the success) any of the myriad reasons why a download would fail: local cabling. Corrupt browser profile. Transient Internet connectivity problems. Malware infection. Serious system problems, including hard drive, memory, resource depletion, etc. Was another machine tried? Much like the above, a low review would hopefully show accommodation for the personal responsibility of truly owning a machine.
*** Stale logins: Well, the community updates them. A person rating this extension low would hopefully go out and update some logins. It's not BMN's responsibility, it's ours, which is clearly delineated on the site's FAQ where the response to "[site doesn't work]" is "Please add a new one then" or in the tutorial, which clearly states: "It's important to note that all of the username/password accounts listed on bugmenot are added by users such as yourself." Further, since this extension is so effective, people actually poison the logins; wouldn't we then be responsible for staying ahead of this?

*** Five stars. Works as designed.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.2.1-signed.1-signed).