Bug 566510 - Allow multiselect operations on tabs Version History

4 versions

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Version 19.5 kB Works with Firefox 4.0 and later

Compatibility with TabMixPlus addon.
Tab border image updated to the current one and blue glow was replaced with black outline, as it looks better.
Possibly better support for Linux and Mac CSS-wise.

* 68ef2ce (tag: v0.12.4) Milestone: v0.12.4
* 81095e3 Minor: build batch now also uses exclude file list
* 2f4e102 Change: stylesheets branched for each major desktop OS.
* 9e850fc Change: updating tab border image shape to the current one and color to black
* 6a16bf1 Merge branch 'issues/1-proxy'. Fixes #1.
* fa0701e New: added compatibility.js to handle some hacks for other addons; TabMixPlus hacks included here
* 111bd8f Change: tabmixplus's XBL proxy moved to different folder.
* 2d47d72 Change: compatibility binding for tabmixplus renamed.
* b31c2e0 Change: the tabmixplus binding proxy is overridden with binding from this addon.
* c6ff6d8 New: added override instruction for TabMixPlus XBL proxy file
* 2477576 Minor: XBL file was missing XML declaration.
* ca431fd Minor: fixed markdown list in readme

Version 13.4 kB Works with Firefox 4.0 and later

Compatibility up to Firefox 4.0.
Tabs glow on multiselect.
Broadcasters added to simplify xul/css changes on multiselection/deselection.

* be53e2a (tag: v0.12.3) Milestone: v0.12.3
* 28d636b Change: move all images to chrome://.../content/images folder to avoid a warning
* 6f2d730 Change: css overlay updated to use border image
* 94d28de New: tab border image for multiselected tabs.
* f16575d Change: menuitems now listen to the multiselection broadcasters
* f606258 New: the 'multiselected' attr. setter updates multiselectionBroadcaster
* c6b1288 Change: onpopupshowing handler now updates multiselectionContextBroadcaster
* 132af23 New: multiselection broadcasters added
* d2a7324 Change: new css definition of multiselected tab and menuitems.
* afb0b04 Change: update 'multiselection' attribute on showing tab context menu
* 20e752d New: attribute 'multiselection' added to menu items
* a4ad5a7 Change: extending the support up to Firefox 4.0 thru couple minor changes
* 8ef3bd2 Fix: wait for Panorama init before changing oncommand attr. of menuitems.
* 1f7ab1e Fix: updating tab group menu items on popupshown instead of popupshowing.

Version 11.9 kB Works with Firefox 24.0 and later

This version implements (almost) the rest of the v12 patch.

* 284dc9f (tag: v0.12.2) Min supported version updated.
* b749d15 New: support for bookmarking all multiselected tabs via context menu.
* aa159e7 Minor: dont make menuitems bold when only one tab is multiselected.
* 0a0ccdc New: context menu items supporting multiselect are bold now, when relevant
* 212e04b Minor: added some comment to make clear what methods are overriden.
* cfb465c New: panorama support.
* 4434058 README updated; new features.
* e7cfd9d New: override of removeAllTabsBut method to support multiselect.
* a521ebf New: added multiselect support to "Close tab" item (removeTabs method).
* abe84c2 New: added multiselect support for reload, pin, unpin context menu items.
* 3f91276 New: added replaceTabsWithWindow method; overlayed context menu.
* 6b4df2d Bug fix: ignore hidden tabs on shift+click selection.
* 473ed35 Readme with brief API description added.

Version 7.4 kB Works with Firefox 6.0 and later

* 8552258 (tag: v0.12.1) Initial commit.