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  • got problems... i had mistaken remove buffer from the extension. after re-add, buffer still do not appear in my extension
  • Useless because it's ONLY for smartphones, not real computers that businesses use.
  • Overlay does not work on Nightly
  • I use buffer on a regular basis for our nonprofit NGO to post contents from our webpage to Twitter and Facebook.
    Works fast, reliable and rock solid. The only drawback I found so far is that on Facebook, the author always is "buffer" and not me. But maybe I just haven't found the right button yet ...
  • In 24 hours I have gained at least 50 followers.
  • One of the best extensions I use
  • Heads up I was stuck on 3.3.x even though I had auto-updates on. Had to manually update to 3.4.2 which installed as a separate extension rather than replacing the old one.
    Overlay still opens in a new tab, but at least I am current.
    As others have said the Chrome extension is much more polished/feature rich, and it would be great to see the FF extension get the attention it deserves, particularly with `Quantum` released and now v60.
  • A great way to publish material to social media.
  • Great tool. Easy. Enough.
  • Excellent
  • Love Buffer—but would *really* like it to work properly in Firefox again :(
  • * Settings page broken (with Firefox Nightly 60.0a1 x64 at least), not showing the state of each state (on or off?).
    * Only opens in new tabs (very annoying, very slow) because toggling the "Overlay on Page" option doesn't work (even after Save & Refresh).
    * Buffer opening in new tab is very slow and often stalls just showing a blank page requiring manually refreshing it.

    Just paid for a year and now very disappointed.

    Reply to Developer.

    Thanks for responding. Do you have an ETA when Overlay will be fixed by for Firefox? Is it a priority (as been a while since Firefox extension was updated)?
    Restarting browser helped. Not sure why broken in Settings just sometimes.
    Hi Dan, sorry about the experience you've had.

    The Settings page should be working properly, even in this version of Nightly (I just double-checked). Could you try restarting Firefox, in case that helps at all?

    The share dialog opening in a new tab is an unfortunate issue we're aware of, and is specific to our Firefox extension (there's no such issue in our other browser extensions). We have plans to fix it, I also personally prefer the overlay so I know how you feel.

    We're glad to have you with us, and I hope Buffer still proves useful for you despite these issues while we work on fixing them; if not and you'd like to reconsider your purchase, feel free to reach out to us at hello@buffer.com, we're always happy to help as much as we can.
  • For Buffer users this extension is a must. It work just about all the time and it easy to use. Oh, and if you are not using Buffer...why not? Check it out too!