v2.0 not working; forum link unavailable Rated 5 out of 5 stars

can't report bugs since forum isn't working ...fantastic extension ...inline translation is great ...thing is, upgrading to v2.0 has changed everything ...even selecting english for options doesn't work ...all foreign ...would love to revert to previous v1.0, but unavailable ...is there a chance you can post a link or u/l it here? ...thanks for everything ...peace

edit: as Luca said Enter twice does not work ...options settings are all in foreign language which makes it difficult to know what they do ...and your forum link for bug reports is invalid ...and a big thank you for the link to v1.0 ...peace

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hi there, could you explain what kind of problems you had in more details.

here is V1.0 for FF4 : http://appwared.com/media/budaneki10.xpi