5 reviews for this add-on
  • Definitely a good start, but the actual weather toolbar looks a little cluttered. That and it has too much contrast. I would also prefer it didn't add social networking fields to my browser. However, I love Weatherbug and it didn't change my homepage/search bar, so at least there is some compensation.

  • Really over intrusive and installs more than I expected. I also don't like that it said no restart required then required a restart.

  • Es una terrible pieza de basura informática. Deforma todo el tema del navegador convirtiéndolo en cualquier cosa, además se oculta bajo otro nombre para dificultar la desinstalación. Para añadir insulto a la injuria sutilmente pretende cobrar por el servicio. Realmente no merece calificación alguna, mas bien lo que se merece es que al desarrollador lo expulsen de este sitio. Algún comentarista dijo que esto es un "virus". Tal vez no lo sea, de hecho no revise el código. Sin embargo tiene un comportamiento bastante similar y el hecho de no poseer una desinstalación simple lo coloca directamente en esa categoría.

  • This is just a virus! Go to "about:config", find and destroy all the lines which contain "persona", close and reopen firefox.

  • The product appears to work just as stated. No problems in that respect. I do have a slight issue with the "Want to score $5?" ad button prominently displayed on the bar; nor do I enjoy the ads on the sidebar or your link-backs to facebook and twitter.

    If I may make a suggestion, allow customization of your toolbar buttons and allow users the ability to change their search engine preference (not all of us are Microsoft fanatics).

    4 out of 5 because it makes good on its promises. I would have given the 5th star if not for the above mentioned.

    I'm still on the fence if I'm going to keep this or not.