DO NOT INSTALL THIS ADDON Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Do not install this addon and check each new theme you install to see if it has this addon bundled with it.

I noticed a redirect each time I used the URL bar to do a Google search. It does a quick redirect to "bt-personas" (so fast I can't read more than the first two words) before showing the Google search page for the word(s) I entered.

I tried the search engine bar and entered complete site URL too and did not notice the redirect.

And after reading a few other reviews too that also complain about dodgy tactics this addon should be removed. I don't doubt that I (and others) agreed to installing it and or giving permission to it gathering data on my habits etc..., but it was hidden in the fine print because had I been aware I would not have allowed it.

The use of "fine print" to give legitimacy for what is an invasion of privacy in order to get someone to agree to something that had they known was part of the agreement would not have, is unethical and should be outlawed and not just here.

Would it be OK to add "if you agree to use this addon then you have to pay me $10k a year and let me f**k you're wife every Friday"?

I don't think so, but it's OK to use it to hide stuff to get more money from a computer sale for instance like, "if you add programs or put a disk into the drive warranty is void" to a new computers 3yr extended warranty. Which in effect means once you use the computer your 3yr warranty is now void, thanks for the extra $80 though.

Or allow the makers of this addon to spam you, fill your search results with adverts, record your search history, and what ever else it does that I haven't noticed yet?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (