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  • Brushed Metal gefällt mir mit sehr großem Abstand nach wie vor am besten. Das Design ist einfach äußerst stimmig. Es lenkt nicht ab, ist funktional und sieht sehr gut aus. Tolle Arbeit.
  • Excellent, je viens de le mettre pour ma page internet, je pense que je vais le garder un moment, c'est très sobre et relaxant! merci :)
  • sharp and brilliant !
  • Excelente, muy bonito
  • It`s Cool!!
  • I like this theme, as I can still keep the font black, as opposed to the darker themes where the font is forced to be white. It's a lot easier to read, and it's still nice looking. I also have a thing for anything minimalistic c;
  • Classic,minimalist,very nice theme...I bored the dark themes...
  • I love the pale solid colors and have them on my W7, but I can't download them to W 8. Are they not compatible?
  • I can't use any of the colored, photo, darker, or lighter themes as they all make it too hard to read. This one is the best shade of grey, with just enough graphic to keep it from being plain, but not making it hard to read.
    But why not go ahead and make the text as dark as the one with contrast by janspambox? It's easier to read.
  • Самая лучшая тема. Стильный светлый минималистичный дизайн, приятный глазу. Никаких отвлекающих рисунков, или режущих глаз сочетаний цветов.
  • Schlicht gewinnt immer. Daher eines meiner liebsten!
  • Simple, yet it looks great.
  • I use this theme on Win 7 and it looks just great. It is simple, it is nice. Best regards to ntpl!
  • This is very nice. Most themes are too dark and having crazy animations and pictures will inhibit the functionality of the browser. I really just wanted a slightly different color or anything even though the stock was not so bad. This is a pretty nice change and it's clean and functional.

    A recommendation however, would be to do something with the tabs. Maybe add some of the brushed metal texture. Right now it's just showing as dark grey and really like grey(almost white).
    I've just update the theme and while doing that, I also checked to see if there's anything that I can change to fix the "white" tab thing but there isn't. The active/inactive coloring of tabs is something that Firefox applies on top of the background. The active tabs are whitened while inactive ones are darkened a bit.Sorry...
  • light gray brushed metal would be great if the
    letters were Bold....ie...dark...so one could read it.
    Update: I also changed the text color of this theme to be a bit darker now.
    There already is a derivative work based on this one but with darker font color. Here:
  • Einfach, aber gut
  • Simple but nice.
  • This is so sleek and clear, and works and looks great with the multirow bookmarks toolbar. Thank you