Make reviews more useful for others! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I just downloaded and installed this add-on, so I have little to speak about it, (I will return and adjust my stars, should my experiences warrant a reduction, otherwise this concept alone, if it works well, is worthy of the five stars i gave it now) but I DO agree with Dave1235 and the others, who feel this has great potential, if given the time and feedback to base the further development on, and eventually making it an internal function of Firefox? We can only hope. ;-D

With that said, it would be a great help to the developers, and all of us considering any add-on for that matter, if those who are expressing more than their appreciation for what it does, or how it does it, then the simple expression of their experience is fine, however, whenever any of the reviewers are mentioning any kinds of problems, or deficiencies, then it would be of great use to the rest of us, if you also mentioned your Firefox version, as well as operating system, RAM, Processor, and any other aspects of their system that is unique to them, (and whatever that particular PC's market share is, for all those who are using this same PC) those of us who have encountered and resolved said issue, either by making changes to their browser settings, or other parameters of their environment, or even emailed in a bug that was easily resolved by the developer, it would help the rest of us to avoid that same scenario, especially if the resolutions were not the type requiring any internal or compiled application changes, but were instead resolved by simple environmental changes, or otherwise non-code edits.

Then this would be much more useful for those trying it for the first time, as well as help the developer address any issues that show a pattern from those using the same make/model PC, or version their O/S is.

In short... if you found there was a deviance from the described functionality of ANY add-on, then include as much of your particular system's hardware/software/OS, as possible that also related to use of the add-on, and we will all get much higher quality add-ons SOONER than what i have read in reviews of add-ons in general.

So by all means, ELABORATE, and we all benefit, leave all this out, and the developer ends up spending more time replying to email complaints reducing their development time drastically, because each person is calling in the same issue and the developer is responding to them, when there is no handy central place people can find what others have done or what the developer told them to do to resolve whatever the issue was.

Hope this turns out to be a helpful addition to all future reviews, and maybe prompt some exiting ones to edit in additional information. Thanks to all that cooperate in this manner on any Add-on!.