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  • I like this :ok_hand:
  • Could you please make this compatible for Firefox Quantum, please.
  • Could you PLEASE PLEASE update this for Firefox 59...
  • i recieved a notice telling me hat my version of Firefox is unacceptble, although it is the newest version available.
  • plezing
  • I'm on the third install and so far nothing is compatible with my version of firefox. Getting ready to give up!
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update for Firefox 57 as soon as you can! I love this add-on, which makes my browsing experience so much more pleasant.
  • it's 4 cause it's fantastic and flexible,but some pictures cannot be placed right and i did try all your listed option but it is no good.

    -please update to make it compatible with Firefox 57
  • This is my third attempt to comment BrowserBackground, because the other two previous ones were deleted days after they were published. I do not know why and would like to be informed to correct the error that I may be making. My analysis is just to say that the concept of this extension is inaccurate because BB hides all the buttons of the original about:home and about:newtab being thus an addon that fulfills the task of being foreground and not background. BB is well done and works, but it can still be more developed.
  • Wouldn't do without it. Thanks very very much.
  • Awesomeness
  • I gave it a 5 although there are still rather some bugs in the add-on. For example on a Mac, strangely enough not only the browser backgrounds image changes but also on the desktop that the browser is opened on. After having solved that and some extra's to load the background images faster, It works for me as I had it in mind.

    Working 8 - 11 hours a day behind a Mac / PC it is always nice to have some images of my children displayed there with a delay.

    Just like your other Add-Ons it is another 9-!

    Keep up the good work on your other created and future releasing Add-Ons.

    Joeri aka. Bojoer
  • This add-on is easy to use and works perfectly. I use it to pick my favorite photos and sometimes randomly rotate them just for a pickup break Very well done!!
  • A MUST HAVE for me... Saving my eyes from sudden light-shots when I open new tabs (I only selected dark backgrounds obviously!)
  • Amazing!
  • Anybody having usage issues with Browser Backgrounds needs to make sure that the Firefox home page is set to the following:


    Accomplish the above under Tools >> Options >> General tab and then paste the above into the box for Home Page and then hit the Enter button.

    Bam. Doing the above will get Browser Backgrounds working correctly.

    If you want to disable randomization of your backgrounds, this is easily accomplished by going to the Firefox Add-ons Manager, or Tools >> Add-ons, then click on Extensions (which should already be the current section that is being displayed in the Add-ons Manager), and then clicking on the Options button for Browser Backgrounds. You will see that the only available option for Browser Backgrounds is whether or not to disable background randomization.

    And now, what FF release 13 breaks in terms of using Browser Backgrounds in conjunction with another very handy extension called "Last tab close button". This latter extension is splendid by itself, and it is particularly useful in conjunction with Browser Backgrounds, since the purpose of Last Tab Close Button is to tell Firefox what to do when you close the one and only tab displayed in Firefox. Normally you can't close this tab if it is the only tab since Firefox does not display an X on this single tab so that you can close it. But this is the purpose of the Last Tab extension -- to both display the X for the single displayed tab, and to give you options for what to do when you close this single and only tab displayed in Firefox.

    Prior to FF release 13 and when using the Last Tab extension in conjunction with Browser Backgrounds, you could repeatedly close the last tab (the one and only tab displayed in Firefox), and then Last Tab would close the tab and then create another tab which displays your home page. And of course your home page was configured to merely display another background due to your home page being set to:


    But FF release 13 breaks your home page setting for any add-on which can close the last tab by calling omni.ja which is compressed jar file. This compressed jar file features copyrighted Mozilla code which is set to display a 3 x 3 tile of, well, whatever you have been browsing. We need to change the default option for browser.newtab.url in Firefox's config file from "about:newtab" (which calls the omni.ja file) to "about:blank" in order to make the first displayed tab display the setting for your default home page, or "chrome://browserbackgrounds/content/bb.html" which is what we want for Browser Backgrounds to work correctly. Thus...

    Paste "about:config" into the URL bar, accept the warning message, search for "browser.newtab.url" and then change the value for "browser.newtab.url" from "about:newtab" to "about:blank". Don't past the quotes surrounding anything in this paragraph.

    That is it. Browser Backgrounds will once again behave correctly, and the Last Tab or similar extensions should once again behave correctly as well.
  • I think that this is a great add on. I can load my own images as well as browse for new ones. It defiantly personalizes my browser to my taste. the only reason not for 5 stars is because it is a little hard to use but once I figured it out it works great. thanks
  • Thanks, great idea and very creative!!!
  • This is what I need it. It is easy to use and it has a variety of backgrounds to choose from. And you can make your own if you want to.
  • I am not a new Browser Backgrounds user. I worked with this awesome Tool many Firefox before and it allways was an pleasure for me to use this. But a little while ago i began to use Firefox Nightly Builds. I wanted to help testing and reporting incompatible or compatible Addons for Firefox Nightly. Today I tested it With Firefox Nightly 10.0a1 and it works perfectly. So i´m very happy that i can use Browser Background aggain.

    Greetings form Germany
    yours Ap0caLyps3
  • I Want give 3 and 1/2 but this site does not do halves, I cannot give it 4..so 3 it is.

    Lets not fool each other "Bing" and "G Mail WITH "Google Search" have got their versions.

    With Bing its the default and the pictures change everyday, and Bing chooses the pictures.

    With Google you can assign you own picture, but you must be logged in to your G Mail account, for your picture to be visible.

    I feel 50.50 about this add-on, Let me make this perfectly clear you would have to be a "ADDRESS BAR" searcher to get the full benefit of this add-on.............EXAMPLE you are use to or you don't mind typing your searches in the address bar...............
    currently there is NO SEARCH ENGINE BOX option available within the pictures.

    My main problem thou is there doesn't appear to be a way of telling the software to ALWAYS USE THIS PICTURE. ( If people want a slideshow, fair enough, but shouldn't there be a option box..??)

    IMHO The software program needs a bit more work, but its future looks good very good, just think of mothers with their new baby pictures, football fans, pop fans, movie fans cars etc etc etc, ( As described in the "Browser Backgrounds" notes, its like having your desktop pictures in your browser.)

    But the developer would need people to adopt searching in the address bar as the norm, ( But they could try to add a search box option in the picture, If the stats support this)

    IMHO ( Again ) the developer needs to address these issue's, as for me well I haven't uninstalled it, but I have disabled it in the add-ons, I guess that is 50/50...............

    .............and who knows next month I might have it fully enabled and then give it a full months test........!

    Yours Thomas J
  • Awesome add on! I had the foxtab one for a long time and never used it and it looked cluttered! Now I have my own wallpapers instead. You rock dev. Thnx
  • Hi there,

    For those of you who want this to function as your home page, therefore placing the images from your selected album on screen each time your Home button is clicked on the NAV bar, try the following:

    Open your Firefox options and, under the General tab, insert the following line as your Home Page:


    This works great for me and each time I click Home, the browser displays one of the pictures from my album.

    In addition, you still get the functionality of clicking New Tab and having one of the pics from the same album appear.

    I came across this when I unloaded the New Tab which contained one of the images and its name changed from Untitled to its location which was exactly what I pasted above. :-)

    Hopefully, this will give some of you what you're after.

    As far as changeing web page backgrounds, you're going to be looking more at Stylish or Greasemonkey for that.

    The developer gets full marks from me on this as I used it in conjunction with the Disney - Cars persona (for the header/footer and found at getpersonas.com) and a Lightning McQueen wall (for the Browser Backgrounds large center image and found at the official Disney Cars 2 site) to create an awesome browser interface that has my 3 year old son smiling from ear to ear every time we use the computer to browse his favourites.

    That's worth 100 stars. :-)

    Many thanks Baris!


  • The white background of new tabs contrasted horribly with my dark theme. I've always wondered why themes didn't change the tab backgrounds. This provides an easy solution.
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