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  • Very good add 5 star

  • One of the most handy add-ons to have when browsing a page with lots of thumbnails. It's too bad the developer has moved on to bigger and better things. Anybody know of an alternative add-on?

  • Works great for image boards instead of click, click click or downloading with the download all. I was expecting it to automatically expand the images but this is good too.

  • Nutze es seit Jahren ein super Tool !
    Gehört bei meiner Firefox Installation immer zur Grundausstattung.

  • Awesome Add-on

  • One of the most useful plugins EVER!!!

    Yes, indeed it is buggy since it is no longer being updated. However, I managed to get around it somehow by clicking on the icon on the AddonBar & select Options. Close the Options window & everything seemed to work normally again. Don't really know the logic behind it. The Back/Forward button to browse through the images would not work afterwards, though. But of course you can always use the menu on the icons.

  • extremly useful tools to isolate, view and download picture of a page.

    Sometime strange behaviour with survey... in this case I use IE or disable the plugins.

  • Do not enable this Add-On if you have any version of FF since about 7. It causes erratic and frustrating behavior, like when you click on a link on a web page, it simply refreshes the page. I loved this add-on but it just doesn't work anymore.

  • This is a great plugin for browsing images, and I've been using it for years. Unfortunelately, in later versions of Firefox, it somehow causes buggy behaviour (where new URLs sometimes won't load as they should). It may also be a conflict with Tab Mix Plus, but as the author states the plugin won't be upgraded for a while, you should be aware of this bug. If you don't experience this bug, it works as it should and is a five stare plugin.

  • Very nice add-on. However it no longer centers images when shown apart. And when showing them all in one page the images are reduced to thumbnails. It also no longer allows custom background colours but that isn't such a big deal.
    I think the thumbs thing has something to do with incorrect iframe size but don't know where to look to fix it.

  • Криво работает в 4-ом Фаерфоксе - при командах "открыть все в текущем окне" (open all images in the current tab) и "открыть все в новом окне" (open all images in new tab) картинки открываются не в полный размер, а размером с привью.
    Команда "открыть каждую в новом окне" (open every image in a separate tab) - отрабатывает корректно

  • Хороший додаток для завантаження катинок.Дозволяє качати їх всі разом,запамятовує шлях до папки збереження,економлячи час,перейменовує однакові назви файлів під час збереження по заданій нами схемі.Дозволяє скачати деякі картинки які тільки для перегляду (не мають меню-зберегти як).На деяких сайтах підтримується перехід по його сторінках вперед-назад.Мені дуже сподобався,спасибі!

  • It was good, now abandoned by the author - it's a deader !

  • it's a wounderfull tool, the best for images, but it's not compatible with Firefox 4!
    Please update this!

  • I agree - I have had this add-on installed on at lest 3or4 vers.of FF. Zero problems none not one. It was perfect and had no complaints at all. Until now that I have updated to FF3.6.12 it wont even load. I also have problems with about six other image add-ons. FF is getting to be a real pain in the rear, each time I update.

  • With key shortcuts for incrementings it would've been so much more awesome.

  • This plugin ruins the back/forward button history dropdown menu by populating it with entries that are irrelevant > 99% of the time... Unless you use your back/forward button primarily to navigate between images (*highly* unlikely), then it takes an otherwise very useful feature of FF and replaces it with an almost useless feature. When I am using this plugin, it does exactly what I expect; however, as I use my browser for things other than browsing images > 99% of the time, I can't overlook the fact that it hijacks this feature... This plugin's utility would increase significantly if an option to disable the entries into the back/forward button history dropdown menu were available. That being said, I do leave it installed and enabled despite this shortcoming.

  • I couldn't find a single page where I can get this to work. Even on this page where there is at least a large firefox, the extension claims stupidly:"No image links found on this page".

  • I have been looking off and on for an extension that would duplicate Opera's slideshow feature (and hopefully be better) - this feature was the only reason for me to use a browser other than Firefox.

    Finally! - I came across this extension. It allows you to view all the images that a page links to, in succession, without having to return to the "index" page. You've got a manually controlled slideshow that can be operated in fullscreen with keyboard shortcuts or (with FireGestures) mouse gestures. It duplicates Opera's feature with improvements: it does not get "stuck" when an image link is redirected or when it leads to an html document.

    I haven't used the other features much but so far the "save all images" works fine for me and so does the "view all images" unless I have CSS customized with Stylish (which I usually do).

    I am amazed at all the complaints about this EXTREMELY USEFUL extension. I'm not saying it's perfect, but I still give it six stars for what it can do!

  • Suggestion - allow "open all images in new tab"
    I've only used it for a few minutes - and it seems like a great Linky replacement - but I don't understand why I can't open images in a new tab. 90%+ of the reason I want an add-on like this is to give me another tab with just the images.
    Also - I have no idea why a toolbar is needed. A well designed add-on doesn't need a toolbar.

  • I dig it, I have had no problems with it, but in this version(Latest) when i use the "Open all images in a new tab" function, they are framed. I cant find a way around this, and i remember in prior versions the image(s) would show up in its native size. Am i missing something or was that a thing of the past.
    Thnx for the great App. Very Usefull

  • Wow, great tool! I've looking ages for something like that.
    The only function I'm currently missing is to specify a name that is included in all saved images when the tool asks for the folder name. This way you could easy differentiate your saved image collections even if they are in the same folder.

  • I love it! I have only one problem when i click the save images button ,i choose the folder ,then go to that folder to check them out,but tho the pictures are there i get a "no preview available" message.So i can't see them.That's why i use the classic way to save them(right click) and it's quite annoying to select the folder for EVERY SINGLE IMAGE.There should be a "save all linked images to..." .But except all that it's an usefull tool.Thank you.

    Developer response

    The "Save Images..." button does exactly that. Please try it on the test page: http://browseimages.mozdev.org/testpage.html
    If it doesn't work, mail me please, also the url of the pages on which it doesn't work.

    And keep please in mind: This here is not a support forum! Please mail me bug reports so I can contact you for further information!

  • Seemed extremely useful for the day I had it before upgrading to Firefox 3.0.4. :)

    Hopefully an update will be forthcoming?

    Developer response

    It should work with Firefox 3.0.4 and here it does. If not, mail me please! This is not a support forum! Please mail me bug reports so I can contact you for further information!

  • Otherwise this is a great plugin, but you really should make it possible to remove this plugin from the Back/Forward pulldown menus, because it breaks its function on many sites (especially forums). There seems to be one feature that should do that, but it doesn't seem to do anything in reality. "Show in the forward/back button menu", which I've set to "Not" and they're still in there. Fix that and this would be one of the best Fx addons :)

    Oh and little-nemo, while DTA! simply downloads all links, this plugin is for images, especially those /Index Of.../ listings with just a huge list of links to images. You can view all those images in full-size within a single page with this plugin. No need to middleclick-open them into a huge amount of tabs, or even worse, one at a time.

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