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I love it! I have only one problem when i click the save images button ,i choose the folder ,then go to that folder to check them out,but tho the pictures are there i get a "no preview available" message.So i can't see them.That's why i use the classic way to save them(right click) and it's quite annoying to select the folder for EVERY SINGLE IMAGE.There should be a "save all linked images to..." .But except all that it's an usefull tool.Thank you.

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The Button does exactly that

The "Save Images..." button does exactly that. Please try it on the test page: http://browseimages.mozdev.org/testpage.html
If it doesn't work, mail me please, also the url of the pages on which it doesn't work.

And keep please in mind: This here is not a support forum! Please mail me bug reports so I can contact you for further information!