21 reviews for this add-on
  • But we need it to work with 3.5! Please bring it back or release the source so someone else can take it over!

    I love my Broncofox, best theme by far on Firefox when available.

  • Please update the Bronco theme to be compatible with the new version. PLEASE!!!!

  • version for FF 3.5.5 plox!

  • I love this theme! Please, PLEASE update it for 3.5!!!!!

  • Where O Where have my Bronco's gone! Please update this add-on for 3.5. PLEASE!

  • Really Wish it worked on 3.5!!

  • I love it. Even more if it was updated for 3.5

  • great job on the update

    Thanks so much

  • Great that you updated for FF 3.0. Bronco fans are happy...we sit at 4-1 as of this review date.

  • Don't quite know how I lived without your update for 3.0, I love the header and get very excited about the sidebar colors and images. This is the best skin of all the add-ons for Firefox.
    Great job and keep up the good work.
    Jake Reynolds

  • So bummed I can't download this for my Bronco-fanatic Husband.

    Please update for FF 3.X

  • as 4 generation Colorado native and life long Bronco fan I love this theme I would love to see an update for FF 3.0.1.

    Thanks for your hard work

  • I've just downloaded the new Foxfire but now I can't get my beloved Bronco theme! When will it be updated for the newer version?!?

  • Please update this for newer versions of firefox. I love this theme but can't use it!

  • Enjoyed have the the Bronco emblem on my old firefox would like to see it on the new version of the fire fox when will that happen. Go Broncos!!

  • looooooooooooooooooooooving it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Why? FF3!!!!!

  • Love it. Can we get it updated for v3.0??

  • I love it, but have 3.0 now and won't work. How do we update it for v3.0?

  • I LOVE IT...Love seeing reminders of My Broncos ...
    Question is, when will there be an update for Firefox3?
    Can't wait!

  • Nicely done, the only recommendations I have are to swap the tab colors, orange background, navy text, and to make the scroll bar part of the theme (check out the KC Chiefs theme to see what I mean).

  • Thank you for this Bronco theme! I am a happy CA Bronco baby! Suggestions would be I\'d love to be able to have orange (instead of black) on the tabs? And is there a way to make the lil bronco horse head fit a bit better for the back/forward buttons? Great job, much appreciated! LET\'S ROCK DENVER!!!!!!!!!!