Still broken, but is usable! Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Not working on Firefox 4 !
DOES NOT WORK ON FIREFOX 5- Please help :-)
Not available for Firefox 10.0.2

I had the same problem during the span of several upgrades to new versions of Firefox; however, now that I have crept up to version 10.0.2, yes 10.0.2!, I found that the 'Menu Bar\Tools\Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics' option from before the modernised [US: 'modernized'], Chrome-copy-cat, style will open the pop-up control panel as normal. The pretty new orange 'Firefox' button in the new modernised [US: 'modernized'], Chrome-copy-cat, style seems not to provide access to a modern, Chrome-copy-cat, alternative to the old-fashioned 'Menu Bar\Tools\Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics' option!

The Upload and Download tests, and the 'Show Configuration' function, operated as normal in 10.0.2 [Used once so far]. However, the 'Diagnostic Test' has never worked for me as my Internet service passes through [US: 'thru' ! ;p] a USB modem, not the 'normal' landline connections.

I have found the add-on to be too quick to cut in when a website/server is slow in responding to Firefox's attempts to download a web page, and, in 10.0.2, the add-on is still unable to open the [in-browser] diagnostic page correctly. [The red, black, and grey/gray, image at the right hand side of the three images towards the top of this page. (.../thumbs/21/21819.png)]