Rated 3 out of 5 stars

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While I have nothing against this addon except for the fact that it relies on Bookmarks to store feed, so like all other FF RSS addons, it too chokes (makes FF hang) with FF sync.

Update - Based on Denis's response, I will test this addon again more and update. Always like it when a dev responds to show they care :)

Coming from Chrome, I loved FeedBro, which I dont think uses BMs, but SQLLite I think, and was looking for a non BM-based RSS feed mainly for performance reasons and the fact that it doesnt have to be a live BM at all !

Update #2: So I re-installed, looking GREAT so far, very neat and simplistic presentation (the list view - work friendly!)

Just wonder whats the deal with the amount of real estate - but I just peeked again and saw there was a CSS way to customize, hopefully I can get rid of the ugly fat margins.

+star for OPML integration - I was a bit concerned it would be time consuming to enter it all over again as in other RSS addons - not here..it was a breeze.

There were some fancy readers (Feedly?) which would auto detect RSS without us having to go exactly to the RSS page, not so with the rest, including this, had to manualy search for the RSS feed page, as the 'Subscribe with RSS' in BMs never showed for any. So the OPML was a nice feature.

(Apart from most sites making it a pain to find the RSS feeds, worst offenders are Onion & Amazon Deals unless I am totally missing something in the world of RSS)

Updating to 4 star, keeping one as I have to do the formatting pain myself :( - but if it is painless will of course be back to add another !

HAVE to add here that Its a relief not being stuck with SeaMonkey which has the next best (simplest & work-friendly) RSS Reader

OMG...its so painful to set list view in each and EVERY Feed..I dont care - its a one time thing - but whats the deal with the 'Organize' button ? Shows nothing.

Also I hope the Feeds (BMs) and settings are SHARED across desktops otherwise it would be a Sage-like experience having to re-click everything (thats where Chrome shines with seamless sync of extension settings (as they are not treated like second-class citizens!)

UPDATE: So at home I noticed FF hanging again, so I uninstalled. Now at work I installed but was very disappointed that it duplicates BM folders. Sage at least had a way to set which folder to use, but all-in-all I guess this venture with FF RSS Readers is a HUGE disappointment because they tend to use the BMs (which freeze the comp or FF while syncing, maybe because they are so huge or just get confused)

Why cant FF RSS Addons be more like FeedBro for Chrome :(

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.3.0). 

Brief is known to behave suboptimally with Sync, but definitely *not* hang the browser. Could you please file an issue about this at https://github.com/ancestorak/brief/issues/new so we could debug it?