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  • Please update to support Firefox 11 and Thunderbird 11 ...
  • Se requiere actualizar para las versiones 10 de firefox y thunderbird!
  • @Torvin: Thanks for the patch, but it's not working: When pressing the keys I set up to hide FF, nothing happens... :(
  • Since the author of this add-on isn't responding, I've patched it myself. It's really easy: take bosskey.dll from add-on v.0.2.2 and change "01" byte at offset 0x25B0 to "07" (Mozilla has changed module version for binary components in FF5). If you are feeling lazy or just don't have a hex editor, here is patched addon for you: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hxawht
  • Use this instead, it has same features, same authors and more:
  • It doesn't work on ff6 again. Can somebody help to fix ?
  • For FireFox 5 use https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/trayhotkey/
  • I have found some time to fix the installation .xpi file for myself to support BK up to FF 6.* version but just formally - no binary fixes have been done.
    I DO NOT GUARANTEE that this will work for every configuration as Mozilla would wish.
    The link for packed content is http://www.filesonic.com/file/1516707924
    Just say thanks if it worked for you... ;-)
  • Is expected to version 5?
  • 用了几年了。。。请尽快更新支持FF5啊。。。
  • Please update for FireFox 5.0
  • Bosskey 0.2.2 support for Firefox 4.x
  • Here http://narod.ru/disk/8525468001/bosskey%200.2.2.xpi.html - is supported Firefox 4+
  • Please update for FF4.
    bosskey is really the only add-on to minimize to tray.
  • http://g.mozest.com/thread-25114-1-2
    support FF4
  • Update extension for Firefox 4 Final!
  • Please, update extension to support Firefox 4!
  • 火狐更新了,在附加组件的网上,没有找到0.21版的,你之前在评论中的链接网址无法打开。请给个最新版的,谢谢。
  • I use it for RAM usage ....thanks
    worked on my 3.6.10
  • This Add-on is Incompatible, & the Fixs http://ftp.mozest.com/addons/extensions/boss_key/boss_key-0.2.0-fx+fl+ns+tb-windows.xpi or the one located at http://bos.clanhost.cz/addons.php No Longer Work as there are No Icons in the System Tray.
  • thnaks @zif, finally i can use it with this solution:

    just install from http://ftp.mozest.com/addons/extensions/boss_key/boss_key-0.2.0-fx+fl+ns+tb-windows.xpi

    on Firefox 3.6.8!
  • 感谢作者为3.6的更新.
  • 3.6版本无法安装,希望作者更新,感谢
  • 3.6版本无法安装,希望作者更新,感谢
  • Daduing's fix (installing straight from link) works for 3.6 too.
    If you've upgraded to 3.6 and your bosskey is "disabled", just install from http://ftp.mozest.com/addons/extensions/boss_key/boss_key-0.2.0-fx+fl+ns+tb-windows.xpi
    Again, thanks to Daduing. It's rare for a fix to just keep on working.. and working.. and working :)