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  • 3stars as I don't want to spoil the developer's ratings badly by giving 1 star as it is not his fault. A minor penalty of 2 star less than his average score for not explicitly saying in bold words which country this works and which country it doesn't. Restarting firefox is a real pain after every addon installation

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Unfortunately, we currently only have limited support for India. But will be adding in full support later in the year


    The Booly Team
  • just made firefox stop responding so had to uninstall

    Apologies for the delayed reply, I'm sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced with our addon.

    Our aim is to create a smooth experience, If you could email with a little more info we will investigate help@booly.biz

  • Ótimo para encontrar ofertas de calçados. Obrigado aos desenvolvedores!
  • I love this app, I have saved a bundle of cash on a wide variety of online purchases.

    The only reservation I have is that the app is still being listed on Mozilla as an "Unverified Author" and a potential security risk which is a huge Red-Flag for privacy enthusiasts who want to minimize the risk of unsecured data transmissions and identity theft.

    Please get this app "Verified" and give us the peace of mind we want when using this phenomenal tool, no app is worth compromising personal information.
    Hi iamrunninghoove

    Thanks for your review, I am pleased to hear of your savings.

    We are looking into your suggestion.

    The Booly Team
  • Fantastic at comparing all the best deals and this is my faavourite add on
  • The coupon deals are a real bonus.
  • I’ve saved loads on my Christmas shopping this year, thanks Boo.ly!
  • Coupons in Google search results, nice :-)
  • Loads of good deals on here, i want more!!
  • One of my friends recommended this, i’m glad they did.
  • saved me so many times very fast
  • I've saved a bundle using this add-on, cheers!
  • Nice add-on, good work guys!
  • It finds me the best deals very quickly, job done :)
  • Excellent, i have tried a lot of shopping add-ons but this is my favourite so far.
  • It used to take me ages to find the best deals within a tight budget, but Boo.ly makes this very quick and easy!
  • Neat tool, recommended.
  • Boo.ly is a great plug-in. Would love to see more clothes on here though.
  • No where near as easy to use as some of the other tools. I have tried other and this one is very clunky and seems to limit you to searches. Others you can go to a site look at product and comparisons will just load in the back ground...
    I am sorry to hear you were disappointed.

    Our primary price comparison and offer service is provided on product pages at merchant online stores; the search functionality you had seen is a bonus feature for convenience so you can also see available offers from your search engine. When you click one of our boo.ly icons you should see a simple list of all stores selling that product and the prices with any available coupons, making it easy to find the best deals fast.

    Product page example: http://www.amazon.com/LG-55LK520-55-Inch-1080p-120Hz/dp/B004OOS38O

    Amazon search example: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=lcd+tv&x=0&y=0


    The Booly Team
  • Loving the coupon feature.
  • Easy to install, easy to use, job done.
  • I've tried loads of price comparison sites, this is definitely my fave!
  • Even works on Google Chrome :)
  • Booly is my own personal shopping assistant.. twenty four seven.
  • Once installed Booly is very easy to use.