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  • If you dont mind i would like to request some things. Could you make this UI available for any category of bookmarks instead of just the toolbar? Also I noticed that clicking on the name (Bookmark toolbar) opens all the bookmarks instantly could you add and extra step to that like a warning or maybe add that feature to a button or something like that instead of a single click on the title? Seems for me that clicking on the title can easily happen (happened to me 3 times while testing it) and is kinda a hassle.

    Also I noticed that when you modify the bookmarks placement or distribution or you remove or add new, sometimes, the UI wont show the changes until you go inside a folder and go back. This happens specially when dealing with folders.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this thanks for making this add-on.


    That's great I'll be looking forward to it. I have a lot of bookmarks to handle and the add-on would make it a lot easier for me.

    If possible please try to keep the UI as a floating window as opening a new tab will make it less handy and less convenient IMO.

    Developer response

    Thanks for feedback. The truth is that I kind of let this add-on going on as it is for a while... Haven't updated it for almost 2 years and the reason is not that I didn't had time, but because I wasn't satisfied with the results. I do know that there are a lot of problems that id doesn't treat or solve and the UI is not that intuitive as I imagined. It's just now what was suppose to be in the first time (SDK support was not that great). I plan to redo the whole experience because right now I will be able to build what it was suppose to be from the start, but not very sure when I it will be ready. Most probably in the coming 3 months.

  • Not sure why others have problems. It works like it should. My subfolders are accessible, and I love the interface. This guy is making good add-ons.

  • Looks good, the idea is also good (+1 star) however it shows only bookmarks that are in my bookmars toolbar, which makes no sense, because these are the ones that I have instant access to without the need to go one click deeper.

    Developer response

    :D Thanks for feedback ... I know it can't please everyone. It's far from what is was supposed to be but it works for some of us. You might worth consider this one instead... https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/session-sync/ . It provides a different approach to bookmarks, and more features. Also please don't leave a bad review if it's not what you're looking for.

  • I have bookmarks in subfolders. this add on doesnt access these subfolders. willl have to go back to the default bookmarks menu.. too bad....

    2 hours later.. now it is putting bookmarks under different folders on it's own. this app really, really sucks! next step, delete it!

    Developer response

    Hi. Some things are not meant for everyone. The add-on works like it should. The fact that you don't like it is something else. I have no idea what problems do you have with your Firefox but just so you know this add-on just reads bookmarks thus something as "moving bookmarks under different folders" can't be happening without you doing that (yes you can rearrange bookmarks but just that not moving them from one location to another one).Ok...maybe the UI is not great but like I said ... no add-on is meant for everyone so... please try to realize what are you saying before giving 1 star rating for something that this add-on was can't possible do.

  • Just installed and a quick glance, this add-on perfectly fits my needs. I suggest that maybe you could add a preference to use firefox's native popup UI background for rendering (like the menu panel now in ff), this will give the popup menu a more OS-integrated look.

  • it doesn't display some icons, such as for FireFTP, cPanel, NewsFox, etc - i don;t know how it displays icons, but it is obviously different than native FF

    would be nice to set a background color

    it should auto-set the height and columns (based on position after drag/drop)

    support more than just bookmark toolbar menu items

    drag and drop results in opening a bookmark and simply doesn't work well because the ext insists on keeping the number of items each column even

    Developer response

    Icons will only be displayed after you first accessed a the bookmark through the add-on. I can't change that, is just how the browser gives me that specific information icons.

    I haven't thought about setting a background color... maybe I will add that functionality in a future release. Till then if you are interested you can create a basic image with a color and assign it as a background image.

    You're right, it should support more than just the bookmark toolbar, I'm sorry for that.

    I wasn't aware about the error about opening of a bookmark when you try to drag and drop them... I will try to inspect that but clearly was not designed to do that...

    Bookmarks are not exactly placed on a grid and that's why it seems that the number of items must remain the same... The problem is that they are arranged in order from left to right based on the index from the bookmark system. 1 2 3 | 4 5 6 | 7 8 9. Yep I know it's quite annoying and from a user experience point of view... not great at all.

    Thanks a lot for feedback, I will try to improve functionality in future versions.

  • Works as advertised. Nice.

  • please add bookmarks menu

  • * Customize change text color, background text color. When I change background dark color, text color is black so it very hard to see.
    * Add function delete, edit, sort
    Thank you.
    Thank for reply, sort bookmark automatic using many on top

    Developer response

    Thanks for feedback. Some kind of sort is already implemented, using drag and drop.
    You mean alphabetical sort ?
    delete / edit / add will be added in the next version. I'm really sorry that it takes so much time between updates, I will try to provides these functionality ass soon as possible.

  • Please, add a search function

    Developer response

    thanks for review. Firefox has built in search functionality for bookmarks when using the url (Firefox Awesomebar) so I don't think that a search function can bring anything special unless the possibility of bookmark management. I will see what I can do about it. Thanks again.

  • Thank you for a wonderful addon.
    A few suggestions.
    1) It would be nice to be able to navigate not only the mouse, but also the keyboard. The arrow keys and Enter, for example, or WSAD + Space. And even better, the ability to customize it :) Also, the opportunity to move back through the folders from the keyboard, for example shift + Enter (or Space).
    2) The ability to change not only the width of the entire panel, but the width of each bookmark. Often, the name does not fit.
    Sorry for my english and thank you in advance.

    Developer response

    thanks a lot. I will take into account your ideas. They seem to be really great additions. Can't promise when but I will try to. thanks again.

  • This is great. So happy I found this... my only suggestion, if you could change the "home" bookmark folder that it uses/starts from. I think I would like to have a separate folder that contains bookmarks for the Bookmarks UI... but for now, I'm not complaining. Thanks!

    Developer response

    thanks a lot. Actually you're kind of right, it can be used as a quick bookmark panel, and supporting that is really simple from the programming side. I think I will add it in a new release (not 1.6.2) Next version is in reviewing queue and will bring sorting functionality. Thanks again for the suggestion.

  • One of the better addons :)Can you increase max width to 1024 and height to 768 ? Please, I have a monitor 1920*1080 and many bookmarks
    And the author is a wonderful person for his answer to my request!
    Thanks Gabriel, your addon is well write and tidy so I mod it in 5 minutes (var nr_values = 25;var nr_values = 12;)

    Developer response

    Thanks a lot. About the max width and height, sorry never thought that what I set might not be enough. I can give you the add-on with the perfect setting for you if you send me an email.

    Thanks again. Great to see that you actually mod it for what you need. In the next update I will be sure to add a wider range for those settings. :D

  • I like this very much , Good work boy!
    From 中国

  • Wonderful extension but this is incompatible with NoScript, can you solve?
    Can you raise width, height limit and column number limit?

    Developer response

    Thanks. Sorry about the NoScript. I installed it now and you are right. The settings page is not working at all, just because that NoScript blocks the JavaScript piece of code that must be injected when about:bookmarks-UI is opened. I tried to set the page as a trusted page but still will not work probably because the JavaScript that is inserted is not coming from the actual page that is displayed but rather from resource://jid1-ksjmjr3rkzsqka-at-jetpack which the package of my add-on.

    Solution: Allow temporary global scripts and after a page refresh the settings page will work as it should. Then you can modify height width and other settings you might want.

    The way I'm handling JavaScript insertion it's ok. There should not be a problem with my code but how NoScript handles this kind of JavaScript injection. Sadly I don't seem to find any solution or rule to allow the injection of JavaScript into the page like it was suppose to work. Really sorry, I will continue looking into the problem but I'm sure it's not because of my code (Page will work if NoScript allows global script and also I'm using the only way and the right one to insert script into the page).

    Thanks a lot and if you have any question please tell me.

  • Thank you for this nice addon! Some suggestions:
    1. Add bookmark/add folder/edit/delete of bookmarks
    2. Tooltip of bookmark fullname when mouse is over
    3. "Home" button direct to bookmarks toolbar

    Developer response

    Thanks a lot. Also thanks for suggestions. All of them are a must, I know. and i will try to implement them as soon as I can. Thanks again.

  • Foarte folositoare aplicația.

  • It was an immediate uninstall. The bookmark bar(which I almost never use) went blank and I couldn't get to any of the fancy UI at all. There were no controls. The only thing I could find was my mouse being clicked on remove...

    **Edit** OK, maybe there can be a fix and I will go and edit or delete the review. Good luck.

    Developer response

    I'm really sorry about that. It seems there's a bug that some users may encounter. I had it once, during development (the next version) after updating from Firefox 15 to Firefox 16 or any new versions. I will patch it. Sorry again.

  • I have no words to describe how perfect is this addon.
    I would like to make two suggestions:
    - Can you add a way to organize bookmarks with drag and drop into the panel?
    - I think that would be better if you add an option to disapear the panel when you click on a bookmark.

    Many thanks for your time!

    Developer response

    Drag & Drop functionality will be available in the next release I think. I already have the implementation but I need to work around a firefox bug, but the functionality will definitely come.
    As for the second suggestion, It's really easy for me to add that functionality but I'm not so sure is such a good idea. The main reason to not close the panel was that the users should be able to open as many bookmarks as he wants without the opening the panel each time.
    Anyway I'll will provide this functionality in the settings panel but will be disabled by default.
    Thanks again for your review on the add-on. If you really want the second functionality contact me (email) and I will send you the modified add-on.

  • Very nice. A suggestion:

    1. Make the window movable. I'd like to move it away from the browser screen preferably on my second monitor. And the menu shouldn't disappear when I click on a bookmark when it' not over the browser.

    Developer response

    I'm sorry to disappoint you but right now I can't implement this functionality because Add-on SDK is kind off limited, and I can't make that panel moveable. When it will be supported I assure you that i will implement them right away. Anyway thanks a lot for your support and for suggestion.