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  • Doesn't seem to work on startup (firefox 8 beta) It just toggles an empty toolbar. I have to first enable the toolbar via the view menu or right click, then and only then the button actually works.

    I'm making due with this other extension:

  • This works great even on the *ancient* FF3.6.6 on Mac OS X 10.4 that I'm using.

  • Works OK in my FF4 without any tweaks.

  • Just need to override add-on compatibility check with Nightly Tester Tool.

  • Is it possible to have multiple "Bookmark toolbar items"? I want some bookmarks to show always and others to appear when needed.

  • Helpful. But can you please let us have both tool-bar and sidebar toggle buttons?

  • This add-on can neither be uninstalled nor disabled!

  • much handy , if u r frequent bookmarklet user like me ......

  • Great, just what I was looking for. A hotkey would be great anyway.

  • Really great, works perfectly, even with 3.7a5pre

    I give you 5 stars if you make a little animation (that folds down the bookmark bar and moves the content down) like Chrome has :-P

  • Fantastic add-on, does what it says and nicely made.

    Thank you very much.

  • Fantastic add-on, does what it says and nicely made.

    Thank you very much.

  • This doesn't show Smart Bookmarks.

  • It's cool, but you could right click on the toolbar and uncheck bookmarks toolbar

  • Firefox would not open after installing this addon. It failed to restart right after I installed it. I will investigate.

  • Works great! Saves alot of time.

  • Cannot get it to work on FF 3.6.The option button has been grey out or disable.

  • Never Mind I fixed it, bookmarks button was hidden by other plug-in it works great now thanx..

  • I'd Luv for this to work but for some reason it doesn't.
    I running firefox 3.6 I csn't find any way to activate this plug in no button no nothing..please help.

  • Wow! It's really great!! No huge window with thousands preferences, simplest way to hide/show FF Toolbar Button. It's amazing: i know a few tools like this to improove usability of FF!!

  • Just one question remains: why is this not a built-in?
    Thanks for this. Just like your Locationbar² for this implements a missing feature.

  • Does just what's expected.