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  • cant delete items

  • Очень удобно, много настроек и функций. Другие подобные дополнения притормаживали, а это - просто летает. Спасибо!

  • With the new version of Firefox my bookmarks were removed from the toolbar and I had to make extra click just o bring up a favorite site. Now the menu has disappeared. I want to go back to the old Firefox where I can easily navigate to favorite sites.

  • excellent

  • I love that addon and there is no alternative out there, please update it for Firefox 57+, it will not work anymore with version 57.

    Developer response

    Hi, as I replied to another review below, I started seeing for this update, but it seems the add-on needs a complete re-write for this new WebExtensions tech , so it isn't a simple update and it won't be happen really soon.

  • It does not work in the latest version (57) please update the plugin, it is really useful.

    Developer response

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I will see to it soon.
    -- Update --
    It seems that add-on needs a whole re-write, so it won't be happen really soon.

  • Hi, Firefox is telling the add on is to safe anymore and it cannot be used. Please help! I really love it!!!

    Developer response

    Hi, I didn't notice of anything like that and I'm using my add-on :) Is this still an issue and at what platform?

  • Works great!

  • I like the idea, still I'm missing the "Add bookmark here" add-on, Might be possible to integrate that add-on with yours? Umm

  • Good work for this addon, but it doesn't work properly in FF Version 40 and above. As you can see, the bookmark properties are shown empty.


    Developer response

    Thanks for your report, I'm already in investigation to solve this.
    UPDATE: fixed :-)

  • working now in FF 37. thanx for reply! dont know about last time.

  • works well, simple
    i might suggest adding a separator under the recent/most visited folders

    i would also like to see someone do this using the new start panel since v29 - would be nice to add bookmarks (bookmark toolbar items at least) to the start panel instead of having another toolbar button

  • It is useful, but it will be good if there is a scrollbar available when you have a long list of bookmarks.

    Developer response

    I think this is not possible. Its a default appearance by either Firefox or Windows

  • This is great. But I wish it has the same visual aesthetic (UI, animation, etc.) as that of the new bookmark menu in Firefox 29+. I especially like how I can choose to show only the bookmark toolbar items.

  • I love this extension but it doesn't display my "recent bookmarks" or "top bookmarks" blue folders ? Can you please fix this? If you do it will be perfect !

    Developer response

    This is a good idea. I'll may include this as an option.
    UPDATE: Its done

  • I'd like it a lot more if I could easily bind keys to it. The mouse over is ok but should be binded to a key or choice thereof. Even if I could easily switch from ctrl-B default that would be perfect.

  • Wer den Doppelbutton (Fav. hinzufügen/Favoriten Menü) vom FF 29 satt hat braucht genau diese Erweiterung

  • Perfect! Using Beta 29, and the Bookmark menu button includes the Favorite button, and you can't separate them. I hate that. This is just for Bookmarks. Perfect!

  • Пожалуй лучшее дополнение для быстрого доступа к закладкам.
    Перепробовав большинство дополнений, типа Speed Dial и т.п., пришёл к выводу, что это не больше чем игрушки с украшениями (к тому же поедающие ресурсы браузера). А для работы всё таки лучше пользоваться обыкновенными стандартными закладками. Это дополнение делает использование стандартных закладок браузера на порядок более удобным и быстрым.

  • I translated it into Russian, as it for you?

    Developer response

    send me the translation to include it. (you can find my email at add-on page)

  • If I select "All Bookmark items" in the options then the toolbar button displays my bookmarks in a useful series of expanding panels but how do I search?
    I can do a search for a bookmark by going into the Options either by: Tools/ Add-ons/ Extensions/ Bookmarks menu/ Options and selecting to search for it by entering its name in the box and then opening "Bookmarks menu" by it's toolbar button and then, after finding it, resetting the options to "All bookmarks" or alternatively search by first using the Toolbar button and scrolling to the bottom of my long list of bookmark folders and clicking Options there to enter a search as above but that is very, very laborious. Is that really the only way to search? (I don't allow the navigation box to suggest links)

    Developer response

    I don't really understand the confusion here.
    The functionality of the search is to display the results in the menu so this is done in add-on options.
    There three ways you can access the options, those two you are referring (by the way if you have a long list - and then is the options menu - you may have to reduce it) and another one (I'm referring this in developer's comments): with middle click in add-on's icon.
    Of course you can search for bookmarks outside this add-on, in Firefox's bookmarks library.

  • Excellent to save space, but why are bookmarks icons missing???

    Developer response

    Hello, I'm using latest version of both Firefox and add-on and I can see the bookmarks icons. Which version/platform are you using?

  • Have used this one for years for the convenience and to de-clutter the screen. Sometimes the drop down list changes to show only the top 2 links but I just updated Firefox 23 on the Mac with Bookmarks menu v1.7 which fixed it. I use Xmarks also so I don't know if they sometimes glitch up.

  • Simplemente genial...
    lo tenia en chrome, que suerte encontrar uno igual en firefox

  • It does not work. When I click it, I only get a small box. I am using the latest version of firefox, it worked before the update.

    Developer response

    Latest version works with Firefox 22 and later (as you may see in version information).
    If that's not the problem then it may be a conflict with some other add-on.
    I use it - as also other users - without problem.