Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Very nice! This add-on creates three useful toolbar buttons: one for the library ("organize bookmarks"), one for the Bookmarks Menu, and one for Unsorted Bookmarks. This is particularly useful when it is combined with one of the many add-ons which compacts the Menu Toolbar Menus, as it pretty much eliminates the need for quick access to the Bookmarks and History menus.

Possibly because the creator is not a native English speaker, the preference options in English can be a little bit confusing. The first switch, which simply reads "Organize Bookmarks..." is actually asking you if you want that button to show its *text,* not whether you want it at all. If you leave it unchecked, the toolbar button will display in icon form only; if checked, it will display both icon and text. This is particularly confusing because the other two check-boxes, which do exactly the same thing for the other two toolbar buttons, are phrased in a manner that makes it clear what they do. I imagine there's some relevant grammatical difference in the creator's native language that accounts for this discrepancy.

Anyway, despite this quibble, this is a great little add-on. Be sure to check out Alice's others as well: she has many good ones for dealing with bookmarks and the library.