287 reviews
  • Perfect! Exactly what I needed!
  • Хуже стандартного менеджера.
  • Лучшее расширение для Bookmarks
  • This addon needs work. On my Android tablet it never finishes loading. Developer needs to determine which systems are supported and list the requirements. Also ads shown by the addon are annoying and should not be allowed.
  • good,same plugin in chrome,useful
  • allows you to actually identify where a bookmark is stored. in other words: which directory it's in!! this should be a built-in feature!!
  • I like how it works, but since i install it my antivirus screams every 15 minutes about an url that the extension is trying to load in the background. Why? What is that you trying to load from mybestsc.com?
  • Good Apps
  • incredible easy tool to structure your bookmarks
  • It looks just what I was looking for.
    In particolare apprezzo la possibilità di cercare un bookmark vedendo subito in quale cartelle è salvato.
  • Panel height does not go beyond 600px I guess. Tried to make it 800px, stayed the same size.
  • Rapidly scans large bookmarks file (65 MB) and displays results quickly. Very useful to me.