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  • It can't work!
  • For those who want to deiconize bookmarks on Firefox 20+, install Stylish: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stylish/?src=search
    and then install this Style:
  • Being able to not show the folder icons should be a standard FF feature. Sadly missed. Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar is an alternative, though at the moment it removes also the bookmarks icons inside the folder, which I don't want.
  • Does the developer plan on updating this extension at all? Even though toggling enable/disable works, every time I open a new Browser window or clicking on the Downloads button, all the folders would revert back to the icon format, requiring another enabling/disabling to get rid of them.

    Please update this extension? Does anyone know of any alternative solutions?
  • It is easier to temporaly fix the visibility of icons: go to Add-Ons from top menu and switch off/on (deactivate and activate) the Bookmarks Deiconizer add-on
  • I discovered that it is not necessary to exit the browser. Closing the open window and then opening a new window gets rid of the icons.
  • Excellent. Quick & Easy - Download & Install, and it automatically gets rid of icons. (that look cluttered, and reduce the number of bookmarks that fit onto toolbar)
  • Thank you!
  • Can you (add an option to) change the background of folders to separate them from simple bookmarks?
  • 25年3月6日的版本无法安装,可以使用CSS,而不是扩大呢?
  • Tried modifying the userChrome.css file to get rid of the Bookmarks toolbar icons, but the chevron arrows (visible far right if you have too many bookmarks to fit on the toolbar) and folder arrows disapeared too. This add-on fixed solved the issue apart from the folder triangles, but I can live without them anyway! Now I have more visible bookmarks which is great. NB: I got rid of the CSS code before installing the add-on.
  • Have used with OS X Lion Firefox 10 thru 15 with none of the problems reported by others. Maybe they have addon conflicts. Anyone wanting to try it should; that's the only way to find out if it will work in any particular configuration.

    Since I had a white rectangle by every bookmark menu item it was really a good thing for me.
  • Great job. FF looks now more clear and minimalistic.
  • To make this extension to work in Firefox 9.0+ you have to enter in "about:config" and add a new Boolean string "extensions.checkCompatibility" setted to "false"; then restart and try to install it: it will work without problems!

    I love this extension, because is one of the most important goodness I've missed from Safari on Mac.
  • Its not working with latest releases of firefox.
    As an alternative am using 'Uniconify' which is perfect.
  • absolutely love it! Now my FF looks as concise as safari, which I have to leave behind because of its ridiculous memory usage.
  • I absolutely love this plugin however ever since I upgraded to Firefox 7, every-other restart or so this plugin fails to load and the bookmark bar icons appear. Seems like I'm not the only one with this issue; any chance you can fix it?

    Others, in the meantime any other addon-ons that can pull off this functionality?
  • I loved this add-on when it was working. Starting with FF7 and now with FF8 (beta), the bookmark icons in the toolbar keep reappearing. Disabling the add-on and then re-enabling it works for a time, but eventually the icons are back. I'm hoping the developer can fix this.
  • Parfait
  • It works.... until I add another bookmark, then the icon reappears again & I have to go thru installing/activating it again. FFX 5.0.1 Mac OS X 10.5.8
  • This is a wonderful addon, but I find that I often have to disable, and then re-enable the addon because the icons will reappear after a firefox restart. This happens under Linux (Centos 5) and under Mac OS X (Snow Leopard, and now Lion), using Firefox 3.x (can't remember how long ago I first installed this add-on), Firefox 4, or Firefox 6. It doesn't always happen upon firefox start (or restart), but it seems to happen more often than not.
  • Nice add-on. However, it doesn't work for me because I have my bookmarks toolbar up next to the location bar right where the search bar is usually located. In this position, the icons reappear...
  • Thanks for the fix! It works great again!
  • Stopped working with Firefox 5.0 on MacOS 10.6.7
    I really really miss this fix. And hope you'll be able to fix it robcee.
  • Works damn good with Firefox Nightly 8.0a1

    Thanx you so much!!
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