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  • - this add-on correctly detected quite some dead bookmarks that '404 Bookmarks' add-on had not seen in this location. So very good.
    - Dupes it detected were actual *folders*, so deleting them would have brought havoc in my bookmarks library. Not good.
  • A tool I was looking for a few years... Thanks !

    I wonder if "exclusion of folders" could be a little more put forward (I accidentally removed bookmarks of intranet sites).

    The generation of screenshots could be a nice feature. It would help removing another kind od of obsolete bookmarks: those whose answer indicates that the site has been moved.
  • Funktioniert tadellos und ist sehr gut gemacht.
  • Hello - Just installed this addon - but how do I actually run this thing to clean up my bookmarks ? The screenshots I have seen, but how to get there? Sorry for the silly question.
    Click on "find duplicated bookmark" button.
    If there's any found you can mark the ones you want to delete.
  • I find it very helpful organizing bookmarks, good job👌👌👌 👍
  • There was a bit more manual interaction required than i would have liked (e.g. when it absolutely refuses to remove the last copy of a bookmark in batch mode, forcing the user to delete them individually). Also, the URL checker process pops up countless HTTP auth dialogs for sites which use HTTP Basic authentication. i'm not certain that this extension can avoid those, but it is irritating (i've got dozens of them). In any case, it's simple, clean, and easy enough to use, and it allowed me to go through and clean up a great many useless bookmarks.
  • It actually does what it says, and what's needed. Unlike many other extensions like this, it works to combine trees of folders properly, and then to identify and remove all the duplicate bookmarks in each individual folder.
    The addition of an excluded folders is a major bonus when dealing with external bookmark sync tools.
  • ok, now is working good without crash
    I recently uploaded a new version, can you try and tell if its working for you?
  • At times, I deliberately use the same bookmarks for different things. I KNOW that I have duplicate bookmarks. Yet, it found none.
    Thats strange. Are u sure that these bookmarks have the same url (same domain & path & parameters) ? Also this extension doesn't visit links, so can't detect redirects, this may be the issue.
  • Thank you for your hard work. But sometimes it'd be useful to have duplicates. So could you pls add a function to allow that? By that I mean allowing adding the same url in different folders at the same time. Now it is impossible. Best wishes!
    That's a good idea.

    Thank you
  • great plugin to detect duplicate and broken links. Has a clean and good looking interface and does just what I was looking for.
  • Merging duplicate folder is really great feature!
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