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  • Safety # 1
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  • As an Xmarks refugee, I was skeptical at first, but Bookmark OS has really delivered. I'm a huge fan of the usability and customizability. Bookmark OS is truly the best bookmark manager I have ever used.
  • excellent app! does exactly what it says it will and has made saving and accessing my bookmarks across platforms super simple and enjoyable.
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    Is there anything specific we can address with the extension?

  • License is written as `Mozilla Public License, version 2.0`, but cannot find source code. I doubt that storing all bookmarks in one place is safe option. Does it support export? Hot keys not typical to host Browser. Could I have implace (side bar editor)?

    Yep, Bookmark OS supports exporting and there is an option to do a weekly sync of your export file with Dropbox. What do you mean by, "implace (side bar editor)" exactly?

  • One word describes it - great
  • nice addon!!!
  • Comes in handy, if you visit the same site often.