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  • Maybe one day this was a good extension. The real story is Mozilla wastes our time inflating their catalogs with dead abandonware.

    Some say it is just stunning epic incompetence, I say it is Google ordered Mozilla to sabotage itself until it goes away. Either way- what is the difference?
  • Please update please ;-)
  • Please update it in the future. Thank you
  • Looks like a helpful addon! An update would be much appreciated (:
  • Please make it work for FF 14.0.1 on Mac OS Lion
  • great mate.nice work
  • I have edited to create a version that works on Firefox 44 Available here: www.nataliewood.biz/bookmarkpreviews
    Please read all the info on that page before installing
  • update plz?
  • Please Update this addon?!?
  • Please add function so that browser TenFourFox can make use of this. The add on "Speed Dial" has been ported over to TenFourFox, so i don't see why this cannot also be brought across. (TenFourFox is Firefox but updated to current, but ported to the Power PC platform - no thanks to Mozilla whom decided to leave us Power PC users behind and forget about us >:( .. )
  • muy buen complemento lastima que no este diponible para firefox 4, uno de mis favoritos, pero aun espero su actualizacion por favor.
  • UPDATE! Please! Update to Fx 4.. I'm begging you
  • 5stars.. even though it has been missing in action since 3.6 and the whole 4.0 development (I kid, Mozilla idea of feature development is noob dumbification changes, while improvement is sh\i\t like tab candy crap and list all tabs.. sigh.. while awesome extensions like this get broken by some pointless changes that didn't really improve anything.

    Well here is hoping it gets updated for 4.0 soon.
  • I love this add-on. Was using it back when it was available for firefox. Since I have a lot of bookmark and sometime i forget what link name of the sight was. I dislike having to click on each website and then loading etc and finding out it the wrong website. But with bookmarks preview this made is SO EASY! But now that it not compatible with the latest version of firefox it makes me sad. I can't really find any other add-on like this. It would be nice if this was update!
  • I LOVE this add-on!!! Or, at least I used to... It is no longer compatible with the version of Firefox I'm running (3.6.12)... Sadder still is the fact that I cannot find any other similar add-on's that do the job as well as this one used to!!! PLEASE DEVELOPER, UPDATE THIS TO WORK WITH THE CURRENT STABLE VERSION OF FIREFOX SO I CAN USE IT AGAIN!!!!
  • Great news!
    I really hope it works on Firefox 4!
    Good work!
  • Please Update, I had this add-on once on my older Firefox and I want to have it in my Firefox 3.6.12, Please Update the add-on
  • I Like this addon but the thing is dose not work with current stable version of firefox.
  • incompatible with 3.6.*
  • Fantastic Add-On
    I would donate 10 US$ if this Add-On is updated for the current version of Firefox.
  • Needs to be updated to work with the latest Firefox browser.
  • Perhaps you can use xmarks.com as alternative.
    Most time, you need preview to manage your bookmarks.
    xmarks has now a very good preview window if you click on an bookmark in the online manager on there homepage.
    But I although hope for new working version.
  • I loved it when it was available. im sad that i cant use it anymore.
    please update. and if not, does anyone know of a add-on like this?
  • If you like it and it hasn't been updated yet, why you write a review with only one star?
    One star means the addon is bad, not it hasn't been updated yet. Once it has been updated your bad rating remains and people consider it before downloading an addon, that is silly.
    Good addon, very useful to manage easily bookmarks, through I don't like the way the thumbnails are displayed, I'd prefer a simpler static way.
  • I really miss this add-on in 3.6.3
    please update