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  • Doesn't work in pre-stable builds of Firefox. I got it to work in Firefox 39 (after a restart), but in Developer Edition builds every attempt results in a simple GET, even with e10s disabled. Please update your add-on so it will work in future releases.

  • It works great and as expected, excpet when calling the bookmark from the location bar. From anywhere else, clicking on the bookmark makes the POST correctly, but from the location bar it doesn't.

    Let me know if you need more information.

  • This works great and is easy to use. Only one thing - requires browser restart to work otherwise it does GET instead of POST. The addon should be configured to say it needs to be restarted to work.

  • Nice idea for an add-on, which I would very much like to use, but I can't get it to work.

    Will the presence of the "POSTDATA=" string in the description automatically make the browser send a post request? I added the following string to a bookmark: "POSTDATA=hello=yes" But using the Web Console, I can see the browser is still sending a GET request, no POST data. Please advise.

    [added info: Firefox 17.0.1 and add-on version 2.17.1]

    [update: started working after restart of firefox - the description said "no restart required" but of course I should have tried this first - thanks]

    Developer response

    Hmm, no clue unfortunately - here works fine. You seems to be doing it ok, as shown on the screenshot. Is there some error in the error console?

    [reply to update: Interesting, indeed it shouldn't need a restart, i'll try to investigate when i get a chance - thanks for your review]