Excellent Extension, but Needs some Boosting Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Very useful extension. But - it is not much of user-friendly as it could be.
I know that the name says "Bookmark Duplicate Detector", but it would be useful if I could be able to:
- delete the detected bookmark from this very list, if I find I don't need it anymore. (right click option or smthng like that)
- select multiple items, and trough right click be able to delete duplicates, and move the residual one copy to selected place.
- do the eliminating easier - now I have to click on an item in the upper list, click on the lower list (or 2x "tab" - the OK button is not logically placed in the middle), scroll to desired duplicate and click on delete. For every copy of it. I used to have 4,5 duplicates, and it would be nice if I could multi-select them and delete with 1 click (once you make some order - it is not so important). And I have to click on next item in an upper list - it is not selected by default (what else could I do but select the next item?) - again - this is not worth mentioning if you have few duplicates. But if you have hundreds...
Don't get me wrong - my conclusion is:
This is an excellent extension - it could just use few more options...
p.s. - thank you for letting us have this extension. It is more then excellent for money we are paying for it :) Please understand this review of mine as a help to make it even better, rather then as a critic :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.7.2).