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  • Perfect for removing duplicates and empty folders. Thank You so much for this extension I would love to give something back via IBAN or in some other way. Really solved all my bookmarks problems. Only small issue I found that not all empty folders were removed in one go. (I guess it does not remove folders with empty folders inside) Otherwise really just awesome extension. Thanks again!
    Indeed, a folder is not empty if it contains a folder (no matter whether the inner folder is empty).
    Theoretically, one could list those "recursively empty" folders but in practice there are several problems with that: One would have to couple implicitly selections of folders to be deleted (which might be confusing), the order in which folders are deleted becomes less transparent, and last but not least, some people would like to keep the "outer" structure of folders.
    Instead of presenting a more complicated/confusing user interface, it was therefore a design decision to just possibly require several "clean empty folder" steps: The maximal number of repetitions necessary is the length of the deepest path consisting only of empty folders. In practice this should be far less than 10.
  • Extensión que hace lo que anuncia. Es simple, pero eficiente en lo que hace. Limpia los duplicados y las carpetas vacías de forma muy rápida.
  • Fantastic. Do to the poor bookmark syncing and importing FF I had a lot of trash in my book marks. Tried removing them by hand but were to many. This plugin did the job in less than a minute. Over 2000 duplicates and 75 empty folders. Well recomended.
  • Reliable and does its job without annoyances.
  • Perfekt! Hatte durch FF-Sync viele Dubletten. Danke der optimalen Selectionswerkzeuge waren unnötige Dubs schnell entfernt.
  • but also wish there was a trash bin option so that you can back up all removed links or have the backup within the app or even have the app have a button to take a snapshot using FF. that way the client will have a backup before removing the bookmarks
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Version 5.9 provides now a button which moves the marked bookmarks/folders to a “Dupes” folder (instead of removing them).
  • Very useful to clean up my bookmarks.
  • Simple, straightforward, It Does What It Says On The Tin. Couldn't ask for more!
  • Somehow all my bookmarks got duplicated. This awesome addon successfully fixed my library.