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  • but also wish there was a trash bin option so that you can back up all removed links or have the backup within the app
  • Very useful to clean up my bookmarks.
  • Simple, straightforward, It Does What It Says On The Tin. Couldn't ask for more!
  • Somehow all my bookmarks got duplicated. This awesome addon successfully fixed my library.
  • 比對速度快,選取重複書籤刪除的功能也很好用。
  • Comparado con el Bookmark Organizer (que no es nada eficiente, es lento y finalmente queda colgado el Firefox), es muy facil de usar, no es pesado y tiene muchas opciones
  • Cleaned up over 400 dupes and empty folders. At first, I was checking carefully to make sure it was correct, but after finding it accurate, I just followed what it said, and am I glad to have this.
  • 그래 북마크에서 중복 파일을 찾는 이유는 지우기 위해서이지
    몇 개나 있는지 알고 만족하고 말기 위해서는 아니지.
    이게 앱이지!

    있었으면 하는 기능은 북마크 폴더 병합기능(merge)...
  • FANTASTIC!! Thank you Martin. Over the years, tons of my bookmarks have replicated themselves, and not by me re-saving them but I have no idea how. There were thousands of identical duplicates & triplicates. Feels great to have them cleaned up! Couldn't have fixed it without this app. The app is robust and extremely easy to use, while offering multiple options for customization. This deserves more than 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very grateful - Thanks again!
  • Works perfect :)

    I went from 9451 bookmarks to 1412 in 5 minutes. How I did this:
    1. clicked on bookmark dupes on mozilla taskbar. (The double star icon).
    2. clicked on "Dupes" in the extension (the first {leftmost} of the 3 boxes).
    3. Skipping the box marked "Remove marked bookmarks", which believe to be in the wrong place [IMHO]
    I clicked on the "Mark all but the last in each group" (Choises are first, last, oldest or newest)
    4. went back clicked on the box marked "Remove marked bookmarks"

    Result 8,039 duplicates deleted.

    Just had to delete the empty folders and I'm your uncle.

  • It does what it is supposed to do. Fast and simple. No ads or over-complication of simple things. Has many options to ensure you can keep the bookmarks you want without a headache. A good guy made this I am sure.
  • Exactly what I needed !
  • An excellent extension! It worked even better than I hoped it would.
  • this is too perfect to be an extension, thanx martin vath for writing this piece.
  • Excellent! Easy to use and remove all duplicates easily!
  • Hi, Martin,

    Unfortunately, I couldn't make the extension work.

    If you describe the problem in more detail, maybe I can help.
    However, I suggest to discuss this either by private mail or on the github bug page, since this medium here is not appropriate for a conversation with successive questions + answers.
  • love this <3
  • I managed to inadvertently duplicate my entire bookmark list by exporting it as html, then inadvertently importing it back into Firefox instead of the target web browser. This extension saved me from hand deleting 1188 duplicate bookmarks and 66 duplicate folders. All I had to clean up was a few bookmarks that I had added after the duplication occurred to one set of folders, but not the other. Great Plug-In!
  • Fantastic! I was able to clear up duplicated annoying bookmarks in a few seconds!
  • I had a bookmark duplicate remover/cleaner/deplicator, nothing worked like this without headaches.
    Really impressive.
  • This is a really powerful, efficient and easy to use tool for organizing bookmarks and killing dupes that got scattered over time. If you've collected a bunch of bookmarks - like the 2,000+ that i have - this tool is invaluable for getting your stuff back in a pile. Great job, Martin!
  • Very useful. You can mark by folder or rule.
  • It does what it says.
  • Funktioniert perfekt!