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  • Very useful, since Firefox doesn't show bookmark thumbnails anymore. Simple configuration options.
  • Works, but difficult to update thumbnails (was expecting it could be done all at once)
  • Don't bother. Doesn't work at all.
    Care to elaborate? I use it everyday and it works as it should.
  • Useless! Nowhere is there instruction as to entering a bookmark into the add-on. Useless!
    What more than a description of the add-on and screenshots of the steps(including a description) do you need?
  • So far very good add-on - better than anything I've tested.
  • Práctico, rápido, miniaturas sincronizadas con los marcadores de firefox, es justo lo que estaba necesitando. Gracias.
  • Nice app for people who can't remember pages visited or favorite pages. Thanks To The Developer.
  • Scrolling makes background turn black. Size changes don't work.
  • I'm not excited by this addon, but it does the job well enough for my needs. It's easy to set up, easy to update the thumbnails, and also easy to manage the websites because they are all stored in a single bookmark folder. Also it doesn't ask for too many permissions.

    What can be improved? It does not generate the most attractive thumbnails possible; the screenshots are not zoomed in enough. (For an example of what I'd like, see how the Vivaldi browser does thumbnails.) I have tried various options to zoom in manually, but the result has only been good in one case.
  • Best bookmark holder I've found.
  • Нашел данное расширение как замену не работающему viewMark. Так как других рабочих дополнений нет, то использовать приходится. Но узабилити - на уровне плинтуса.
    Поэтому что не нравится.
    - нет адреса дополнения, типа about:bookMarkDial
    - не видит папок
    - не умеет самостоятельно делать эскизы. То есть у меня 100 закладок, то есть нужно на каждую клацнуть для создания эскиза.
    - не работают жесты как в окне настроек.
  • The 'use snapshot of current tab as thumbnail' option only works about half of the time. For instance on Vudu, Capital One, and DepositPhotos, the button just doesn't light up when I go to their homepages. Because your plugin isn't grabbing any kind of thumbnail at all from those url's (not just the page I want to use after I login to the sites), I'm left with several blank thumbs for important links. Please look into and resolve this issue. It's been happening for over a year. I was hoping you would figure it out and released an update already.
    You have a button to manually update thumbnails. An automatic update is not possible, neither is a "refresh all".
  • I found this add on to replace Quantum's new tab feature, which has too much white space that cannot be changed. Bookmark Dial makes the new tab more like it was before Quantum. So far it works as expected, I like how I can easily manage the bookmark folder I want to use with it. But it appears to have an issue with the options. The options page does not display from the add on tab. Instead when you click the Options button, it takes you to the about page for this add on. The Bookmark Dial options does appear from the toolbar, however, the color chooser does not work from there (a known defect). So at this time with Quantum, it seems like it is not possible to change the color. If you are happy with the default black, then this is not a deal breaker.
    The about page is also the options page, you just have to scroll down. You'll see the same options as in the popup, but color and file chooser work.
  • Отличный диал, ничего лишнего, работает в 57 версии. Цвет фона меняется в настройках расширения: about:addons - Bookmark Dial - Настройки - Color
  • Works like an older extension that was not updated to work with Quantum.
    Make a bookmark, name it and it appears. Customize background, columns and you're done. Fits my needs perfectly.
  • Works great, is great.
  • Perfect, the combination of bookmarks and speed dial
  • The principle is the same as Vivaldi's integrated one, which is great.
    What's not great is the design, which looks somewhat FF 25 ;)
    And it doesn't even needs to exceed as FVD speed dial does, just please create a color pallet for all the things visible (thumbnail's borders, titles, text, ...), material or simple if possible. Background is already this way - great!
    I like the design, if you want to tweak stuff, you can provide your own CSS.
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