Good addon, but here are a few requests Rated 4 out of 5 stars

It is a great addon. But it can be made into an indispensable addon if you implement some or all of the these little suggestions below. Really! The sky is the limit for this addon.

1. I, and I am sure many people, would like it a lot if you provide us two buttons to bookmark all tabs with and without a dialog.
2. If you include a function to bookmark all tabs to the right or left, it'd be great to use your addon with Tab Mix plus or Tab Utilities. [No other addon does this at the moment]
3. Alternatively, as another commentator ha suggested, you could allow us to bookmark all tabs just within a single group. I am glad that you are actively considering doing this.
4. Can you allow us to bookmark all tabs by the domain. Like if you are on the when you press a button, it bookmarks all open tabs from the domain in a folder titled " 30th January 2012" or somesuch
[Again, no other addon does this at the moment]

Thank You

Hello, and thank you for your review and for your suggestions.

Those are some very interesting suggestions. And the features that you suggested may be implemented in the next version of this add-on.

Thanks again,