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  • Excelent extension. Sad that Firefox quantum does not support it.
  • NEW version?
    Firefox quantum sadly does not support hiding the bookmarks bar through extensions. I'm sorry. I cannot develop this further.
  • Hallo pleas update the addon for firefox quantum!
    Firefox quantum sadly does not support hiding the bookmarks bar through extensions. I'm sorry. I cannot develop this further.
  • Hovering over the location bar triggers it. I also set "...slidetime..." to 0 and "...time slider should stay closed...." to 0. It flickers, when triggers which might trip your eyes, but isn't an issue. It's better than the extra space of the toolbar and being able to type less.
  • Doesn't like to turn its animation off.
  • Everybody wants this, but it seems to be difficult to implement. Everyone at Mozilla probably uses big screens.

    The bookmarks toolbar should be an overlay over the page content when it appears, so that the page does not jump up/down when the bar appears/hides. That would make this an instant top 5 addon.

    The animation is very ugly, but it is not necessary if the above can be implemented, it would be nice gimmick.
  • Jumpy
  • - position:fixed for bookmarks bar.

    #PersonalToolbar {
    position: fixed;
    width: 100%;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #A8A8A8 !important;
  • It worked but the movement of the page does my head in when I hit the bookmarks bar to go to for example the back a page.. button. The opening and closing of the bookmarks bar is also not very smooth.

    So thanks but no thanks:)
  • Runs now in FF27! The animation for masking the bar makes all difference!
  • Great app, but you need to fix it for FF 27 now.
  • Not working in FF27.
  • Super useful, as it helps me save precious space. It'd be great if there was a key or GUI button to open or close the bar, though...
  • Thanks!
  • Perfect addon. Does what I always wanted the bookmarks bar to do by default.
  • This is very useful while using laptop or pc with small screen monitor. This really enhances viewing area for webpages by auto hiding bookmark toolbar. I was using bookmarks side bar but this add-on adds additional convinient feature.

    I like option to disable animation while hiding and timeout values.

    good work.
  • O tempo de "animação" padrão é muito lento. E a barra empurar a pagina ao invés de aparecer sobre ela atrapalha!
  • great
  • Great extension! I have tried many user styles to get this effect the way I want it, but yours is the only one that works the way it should. Having said that, I wish there was a way to change when the bookmarks toolbar appears. I'd like it to appear when I move my mouse to the title/menu bar. It appears when I move it to the url bar now, which is better than most user styles that would have it appear when you move it to the tab bar. I'd also like a hotkey to make it appear. That would be great! I'm currently using another extension to get that effect. It would be nice to just use one. Thanks again!!
  • This is great. Works as described on Firefox 7. I'm not a fan of the sliding effect and I'm glad you gave us the option to turn it off and have the menu pop in and out.


    - I'd like it if you could give us a key to make the bar appear. See: "hide menuebar" and their use of the 'alt' key.

    - Give us the option of hiding the address bar also. I imagine this would be a simple few lines of code, but would help me free up some screen space for the 90+% of the time I don't need it.

    Thanks again!
  • First bookmark bar autohider I've tried that actually works.

    Sadly, hovering over the menubar doesn't cause the bookmarks bar to appear and the bookmarks bar disappears while customising your toolbars.

    It'd also be better if the bookmarks bar simply popped over the page, rather than causing the whole page to jump 25px south.
  • Bookmark toolbar is not showing any bookmark
    The upgrade is not working...the bookmark bar is not showing any bookmark at all....please fix this issue as this addon has become useless.

    The process is working fine (hiding and unhiding the bookmark toolbar) but the bookmark toolbar is not showing any of the bookmark. I love this addon, please fix the issue...

    Thanks Your
  • I'd like it better if there was an option to always keep the bookmarks bar for a blank tab, and also it seems jittery right now, and whenever the bar pops up it moves the actual page you are on instead of hovering over it.
  • Please upgrade it to Fx 4.
  • Einfach entpacken, install.rdf ändern, packen. Installieren. Funktioniert auch in Firefox 4 perfekt.