No longer On the fence Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have updated this review b/c the developer listens to comments. The only "irk" I had has been updated and it is much appreciated. Folks, this is a mature, slick theme, and there's a live body behind it. To the developer...thank you for listening. (original review below)

Like others here I was surprised at the update because I didn't expect much to change; maybe just some deeper theming...but the candy-striped loading bar is a bit obtuse. I was eventually able to shrink the icon size (right click on menus / customize / small icons) and am perfectly happy with that (I have two large displays), but I *really* do not prefer the loading animation; it was the first thing I noticed, and the very first thing I did was register to comment on it. While it is an excellent theme...I work on this machine and that thing is distracting; enough to make me switch...but I like the theme so much I can wait to see if it gets updated.