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Thank you so much for updating this theme!

Blue Ice was always my favorite theme, and I attempted to find similar themes when I updated to a previous version. I was really unhappy to find that none of those themes were compatible either when I updated to Firefox 12, and I didn't like any of the other themes that were. Sitting in front of a browser all day, the theme can really make a huge difference, not just in the way the browser functions, but in my mood.

I didn't encounter any of the issues people described here previously, but found just a couple of issues, that I found easy workarounds for:

I dislike the way the Reload and Stop buttons merge in the Firefox default theme. Blue Ice Reloaded also merged the two buttons, with only one or the other visible, but never both. When I customized my toolbars, I ended up switching the order of the two buttons around, and that did the trick. They are two distinct, separate buttons again.

There was no button to open a new tab, just the ugly button from the Firefox default which stood out like an eyesore. I removed that button, and tried to add a Blue Ice icon instead, but it kept defaulting back to the Firefox button or no button at all. I ended up adding the Blue Ice button to the end of the bookmark menu, just above the tabs. Took a while to get used to, but now it works for me.

The thing I miss most is that there is no drop down menu between the Back and Forward buttons. Usually there is a small arrow I can hover over, and the drop down menu displays previously opened webpages. It's still possible to get the menu to display by right-clicking between the two buttons, though I'm having a hard time getting used to clicking, rather than scrolling over for this feature.

All in all, I'm really just thrilled to have this theme back, even with its imperfections. Would love to see a version for Thunderbird (hint hint nudge nudge). In any case, Thank you very, very much, Icecream, for improving my day to day browsing experience and mood!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.07032012). 

The reload-stop-go button merge thing is a feature in Firefox. I can't do anything to change it. Also the drop arrow you're talking about was last used in Firefox 2 I believe. It's no longer available in newer versions of Firefox.

I see that I get little negative response in the reviews but I've been a bit busy lately and I don't have time for theming. Maybe after July 16th I'll be able to find more time. Thanks for the feedback.