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  • Oh man! Please please PLEASE update!
  • Oh man! Please please PLEASE update!
  • This theme is by far the one I've used the most. It's crisp, simple, and not too flashy. I seriously hope a version for Firefox III will be coming out. Keep up the good work!
  • I love the simplicity and colors of this theme but it not being FF3 compatible really sucks.

    A point off for not being able to use it anymore.
  • Quote: Firefox 3 version is being developed now:http://www.firefoxreloaded.com/ Can't wait!

    by Niscrome on November 1, 2008

    That page has been unchanged for many months now.

    Used to be a great skin. Project dead
  • Firefox 3 version is being developed now:http://www.firefoxreloaded.com/

    Can't wait!
  • No Firefox 3 version yet? Very disappointing. Looks like time to move on to another theme.
  • why are the guys (at firefoxreloaded.com) taking so much time to release the FF3 version?
  • Dude, Pleaaase make this theme for FF3! It's fantastic, I can't rate it as I've not used it yet but it looks fantastic, so i've set it as a 5/5, if you can PLEEEEAAASE make it for ff3! I've subscribed to updates for this Theme, and are awaiting an update for compatibility for FF3!

  • please make it for firefox 3 please!!!
  • It looks like explorer.... Ummm...
    Anyway, very cool and simple. I like it.
  • hope it will be compatible with firefox 3 asap. thanks
  • I would love to see this available for Firefox 3. It's my favorite theme.
  • I don't know why, this themes somehow fix refreshing-problems in my Vista premium :)

    Very nice themes indeed !!
  • Beautiful! Although I liked Blue Ice, I felt the icons were too large for my taste.

    So I download Blue Ice 2 Lite, and I'm totally loving the theme.

    Keep up the good work!
  • After much anticipation and waiting, I've finally gotten my hands on Blue Ice 2 Lite (a little late) and I can say that without a doubt, this is the best theme ever created. Beautiful icons, improved loader bar, stylized menus... the list goes on! The icons are perfectly sized unlike regular Blue Ice 2 and take up so little space while maintaining their style. A must download that I couldn't do without.
  • I love this theme. It has a simple elegance that looks great on any OS. The buttons all look great and are the perfect size without any spacing issues.
  • Nice! I didn't like the updates when the icons became big. But please put for everyone download it. Not only users. Other way a great theme :D
  • When I first started using Firefox, I looked for various themes and the original one appealed much to my tastes. The original was my favorite, yet, when the icon size was changed, I did not like the change.
    I used an older version until I found this, and I like it very much. great work!
  • I love this theme. It's my absolute favorite. PLEASE UPDATE IT FOR FIREFOX 3!!! PLEASE!!!
  • Now that you have the small icons, this theme is perfect. Thank you!
  • Really love this theme. Can't wait for it to be made for Thunderbird also. Great work.
  • Im torn between lite and regular.The small icons of lite seem more proportional to everything in the browser.

    But on a large monitor 22" the large icons of regular aren't so bad.

    Personal preference I suppose.

    Either way both themes rock!
  • Looks pretty good, but the bottom bar doesn't look as good as it does in the "big" version.
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