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  • I love the colours of this theme. The dark to light gradient just suits my eyes. The only thing I wish is that the firefox logo could have been smaller, as it looks visually unaesthetic on the right hand corner after applying the theme.

  • I want a theme where I can see the text better, this looks to transparent

  • Beautiful!!

  • 个人喜欢这个主题。。。

  • 非常好

  • 純粹是因為個人喜歡單調、樸素的色系.

  • Behagelig for øjet, simpel og med en god mix af farveblend

  • Красиво, стильно и ничего лишнего)

  • Buenoooo, esta bien pero muy solido

  • mantap aja

  • Очень просто и со вкусом ! Мне нравится !

  • Nice

  • Lovely

  • Very easy to read the Bookmark Toolbar for a person with astigmatism.

  • Very nice, simple, and stylish Firefox theme.

  • clean cut and modern wow!

  • Very smooth, perfectly blends into a B&W desktop. Thank you.

  • Magnifique module avec de très belles couleurs.
    Vivement conseillé.

  • Muy lindo.

  • Clean and simple, stylish, nice colours, text and icons on the chrome are easy to see - an all-round excellent theme. Thank you.

  • Very smooth. The blues are nice and dark, but not so dark that it is jarring to look at; it is still light enough for my toolbar icons to be seen. Nor does it have too much frill so that you are distracted. This is a very nice personal. Well done!

  • Really nice for Comodo IceDragon. Many Thanks!

  • simple,and suitble

  • 超帅的艺术!!!

  • Perfect. Not too dark, not too light--works great with light and dark text.

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