Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Wow! I found you... !!!!!
You have just made my day Cato62 :D
i am so happy to find BloodFire 3 again and be able to install...

guess what my browser is wearing today :D

I first used your theme last year but as Firefox updated i lost this theme and other themes i was gutted :(

I did come across Blood again but could not use it because Firefox 3.10 i think was, not compatible... ?? don't know why... ??

my browser is now Firefox 3.15 and installed blood first time no probs :)
i have added to my Favs collection too plus i added to my Firefox 3 Themes collection :))

Anyway thank you hun for your Bloodfire 3 theme
i love it and it's worth more than just 5 stars :)
Hugs ~ Enjoy your Day/Eve.