all go or all stop Rated 1 out of 5 stars

i've got a prob installing extensions atm and thought blocksite might have something to do with it. but when it came to disabling or uninstalling it, this was impossible. everytime i'd shut down ff it would be right there as if it hadn't even noticed me tell it to stop (disable from within the addons list) or leave altogether (uninstall).
so i tried to get it to accept my homepage, which it was blocking, and all the extension add-on pages i was trying to work with to install new addons- but blocksite wouldn't accept these sites even after i whitelisted them. even after i restarted ff each time. it just seems frozen.
so then i noticed that the whitelist list is the same as the blacklist list. it can't tell the difference. so i removed all the desired sites from the indiscriminate list, and still couldn't get access. now, i have managed to stop block site from doing its totally without finesse thing by unchecking all its options within the app itself rather than from the addons list you open from ff.
well, i really really do want this function that block site is supposed to perform, but i really want a function that actually functions. at the moment this addon is horrible. at least for me. maybe it's an incompatibility prob.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.7.1).