Exelent addon, could be perfect if improve 2 more options Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi, this is a great idea, i don´t want to block content for childs, i think that if you really want to protect your childs from bad content thera are some more exelente paid tools on the web such as filters, BUT, for people like me, that are surfing on the web all day long and you just keep and keep and keep again going on several sites like those "win something" or "lady makes $10,000 a week in 2 hours" etc,etc i mean you don´t "go" to those sites, you are looking for something and just then"there you are again" so, for than i think i would be just perfect if it has 2 options:
1.- QUICK AD A SITE TO BLOCK, you just right click or click on the status bar icon and VOILA, the site is BLOCKED AWAY

2.- AD A DESCRIPTION OF THE SITE YOU JUST BLOCKED, i.e. this is the site of the "lookie" lady that makes $10,00 a week
and that is
nex time you reach by accident that page you will see a window in the center of the page: "SITE BLOCKED AWAY" and the description
I really really hope it would have this 2 options on next versions

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