GRACETOYOU: READ THIS. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

▶ Gracetoyou, you are complaining that when you add a site to the blacklist, then click the whitelist, they are on that list too. That is NOT a mistake in programming.

Those are "Radio Buttons". Radio Buttons denote a linear choice. In other words, clicking the buttons, tells the program how to behave. If you want it to block the sites in the list, you choose "Blacklist". If you want it to block ALL websites, EXCEPT those on the list, you click the "Whitelist" Radio Button.

In short, there is NOT two separate lists. It is the same list. The button options for Blacklist/Whitelist, chose how the program treats the list.

I hope that clears it up for everyone.

★ Note to Author: PLEASE make a toolbar button and/or context menu options, so that it is easier to add sites to the blocklist. Thanks.

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