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128 reviews
  • Great, simple addon, works as advertised. This addon actually blocked the requests to the site, like I wanted. Another addon with the exact same name just visually blocked the site but loaded it anyway - useless!
  • Works great on the desktop browser. Don't work at all on a mobile browser
  • It works perfect, it help me a lot to block those annoying pages, it would be great if you could export/import the block list
  • Questo è il miglio BLOCKSITE che io abbia mai usato!
  • Dears, add-ons disable problem solved for block Site 0.1.8. It tested&signed. Link to get=
  • It was working fine until Firefox blocked it.
  • Хорошее дополнение за одним исключением. Прошу по возможности добавить возможность блокировать сайт по маске, т.е. чтобы я мог вручную добавить фильтр для блокировки сайта, например сайт 1xbet постоянно меняет домены, и реклама их сайта снова открывается как ни в чем ни бывало, но если бы я мог ввести маску "*//1x*" или например "*//1x*.world/*", то проблема бы решилась (по крайней мере необходимость добавлять фильтр появлялась бы значительно реже).
  • Muy buena bloque las paginas que les pongas
  • It' s very good and useful app, It is more better than if it do also close blank page after blocking site.
  • Its convenient to use lol
  • UPDATE: Mine from Iron is called BlockSite. Guess this is trying to ride their rep by using "Block Site". Dropping to 1 star... Check out BlockSite no space...

    Used BlockSite on chrome & SRWare Iron. Latest there allowed import/export list to file. This has been simplified to near extinction. I have 448 sites blocked on Iron & I am not entering them one at a time in this simplified garbage... Rated Iron version latest 5 stars. Using BlockSite NOT "Block Site".