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  • It' s very good and useful app, It is more better than if it do also close blank page after blocking site.
  • Its convenient to use lol
  • UPDATE: Mine from Iron is called BlockSite. Guess this is trying to ride their rep by using "Block Site". Dropping to 1 star... Check out BlockSite no space...

    Used BlockSite on chrome & SRWare Iron. Latest there allowed import/export list to file. This has been simplified to near extinction. I have 448 sites blocked on Iron & I am not entering them one at a time in this simplified garbage... Rated Iron version latest 5 stars. Using BlockSite NOT "Block Site".
  • Real time blocking and redirect. Useful.
  • パクリ
  • Would be improved with additional options for url matching and redirecting.
  • Does it was says it will do well. Stopped those redirecting webpages without taking me off of my current one if I entered the urls that do so.
    I wish I could add this to my toolbar though for easy access rather than having to go to my add on list everytime. Still a minor issue.
  • please add regex blocking
  • Great, now I can block shitty news sites
  • where is the option page? Why a icon on the browser is not available?
  • Great app. Gives the option of redirecting to a different site when blocked site is encountered
  • Не работает! Not working!
  • Best
  • Absolutely does not work. I've been using it on my Android for over a year and with the latest update it wouldn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled and got more options, but it still doesn't block anything. If I manage to add a site to the list manually you can still get to the site, but usually when I try to add a site to the list it simply won't take.