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  • Language spoofing no longer works (assuming it ever worked).
    Chosen user-agent, etc is pretty out of date. Should choose the same ones as the Tor Browser Bundle or something

  • I use both this addon and smartRerferer. Good stuff.

    However it would be nice to have the ability to add a whitelist of trusted sites where the addon automatically sends correct User agent (would help with FF addon installs, and Mac App downloads).

    Keep up the good work!

  • This is good for less experienced Firefox users, but anyone who is not afraid of modifying about:config directly should do so instead of downloading this addon.

  • Meh, thanks a lot for putting time into this. I want to say I really appreciate what you and others do to help folks like myself who do not have programming skills.

    My first suggestion would be to allow me to identify as a Mac user if I want. It would be nice to get Mac software suggested when I go to download pages.

    As another reviewer suggested, this requires updates often to be useful (browser versions and so forth). Maybe there is a way to do this without requiring work on your part! Maybe it can take the current browser version (say, 24.1), strip off any sub-versions (turn it to 24.0), and optionally subtract 1 (turn it to 23.0) to limit uniqueness. To go along with my suggestion above, you can suggest a Mac OS version that is simplified but current (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_0).

    Finally, I'm not sure if this is outside the scope of this plugin, but is blocking the "referrer" part of the user agent something people would want to help privacy?

    Developer response

    Identifying as a Mac would make the fingerprint more unique than Windows. But if you're running on Mac and want that to happen you can disable the addon temporarily, it doesn't require a restart to do that.

    Sadly that's not going to improve uniqueness, the best way is keeping up to date with the Firefox stable version, they don't take much to review the addon anyway. Also I'd rather not implement an autoupdating thing.

    About referers, I also developed Smart Referer, it does the right thing™ with them.

  • Could you do the same for Thunderbird too?

    Developer response

    What would be the point?

  • I will echo others by saying this, but my Blender-ized user agent is still set as Firefox 19... I'll check for updates of course but if the addon stays like this it kind of misses the point, although I really like the idea. kudos to the dev.The Panopticlick utility on the EFF website is fooled by the user agent, but bear in mind that if you have a lot of addons, they make you more unique too. I have 10-20 usually, and apart from when I was using NoScript, this made me unique nearly always.

    Panopticlick can be found and tested here: https://panopticlick.eff.org/

    Developer response

    Yeah, sorry about the delay but my Windows machine broke down and I had to wait for a new one to get the proper information.

    I've added a new version about a week ago, it's still in review tho.

  • Yet another nice security tool :-)

    Just thought I'd mention...

    addons.mozilla.org accepts the faked firefox version and will filter search results accordingly. I'd expect it to gray out what it thinks are add-ons only compatible with higher versions of firefox, so users might have issues installing some add-ons.
    Or, maybe not.

    Either way, nice innovation in the security/privacy department :-)

  • This more or less appears to do what it says, however this is one of those extensions that needs to be updated regularly to remain useful. As of this review, the extension is nearing 4 months since its last update, and is still identifying the browser as Firefox 19, despite the current and most-used version being 22. This could actually make you more identifiable if you are already using a more common version of the browser. The extension really should be updated at least every couple months to include the user agent string from the most recent release.

    As for suggestions, it would be nice to be able to view a side-by-side comparison of your default info with what the extension replaces it with, and have the option to not replace individual pieces of data, or even edit the data manually.

    Developer response

    I usually hang a bit behind the newest version to allow people to update, but you're right, it's hanging way too much behind, I'll update it ASAP.

    About the viewing data and changing it, you can check the default value in about:config and if you change it with another value, it won't be overridden.

  • Numbers speak better than words:

    ** before enabling Blender:

    Your browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 3,112,792 tested so far.

    Currently, we estimate that your browser has a fingerprint that conveys at least 21.57 bits of identifying information.

    ** after enabling Blender:

    Within our dataset of several million visitors, only one in 36,195 browsers have the same fingerprint as yours.

    Currently, we estimate that your browser has a fingerprint that conveys 15.14 bits of identifying information.


  • Installed on my laptop running archlinux and Firefox 18. Now running Win 7 and Firefox 17 for many sites ;) nice addon man!

  • I installed it on my laptop, my OS is WinXP and my browser is FF 10.0.11 ESR. After installing Blender 0.0.6, many sites think I run with Win 7 and FF 17.0, lol...

    Nice extension!

    Thanks meh.

  • Love the simplicity and effectiveness of this one. Using this add-on, the FF version will be 10.0 and the OS will be Windows 7. A test at panopticlick.eff.org showed this to be the best result I managed to get so far at that site (the column "one in x browers have this value" has the lowest values). So this add-on really does its job, and for me its a keeper. But how about giving more info about what it does, also about the "other stuff", it fakes? ;-)

    Developer response

    Thanks for the positive review, I will add some more information with the next version.