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  • Best addon for changeing colors.. A BIG shame its not compatible with Firefox quantum currently! So please devs! Make it compatible!
  • If you suffer from migraines, Blank Your Monitor is a must-have. I am so sad to see it won't work in FF 57. I will miss it a lot.
  • This add-on served me well for 7 years as a partially sighted user. It's sad that it won't be updated for Firefox 57+, so I'm now using Dark Mode 0.2.0 which is almost as handy, except that there is no hot key like on BYM, so I have to click a button on the Firefox toolbar to switch modes.
  • Thanks
  • However, when switched off the text boxes (in this review, for instance) remain black, and refreshing the page doesn't have any effect.
  • Excellent problem.
    Firefox gets slower running this addon.
  • This add-on is really handy. The colors and shortcut keys are easily customizable. While it works better on some websites than others, the shortcut key makes it easy to turn on and off as needed.
  • When I turn it on, many images and buttons on many websites get covered in black which makes this useless for anything other than reading a simple page with text. The submit button on this very review page is black, I can only see it if I disable the addon.
  • To the developer, you nailed this one, what an awesome add on. This is so easy on my eyes that I will be able to read more often. Thank you so much for developing this.
  • i love how you change colors of link. toggle on/off is awesome. I wish it was available for Chrome too.
  • This help me a lot, i can not read in white backgrounds and this has solved my problems.
  • i mainly needed it for youtube and few other sites where i read article. i was using black youtube addon for youtube alone and nothing else for other sites. now my eyes are so happy. one add on to turn off the lights on all sites.
  • Thank you for this extension, I do a lot of research on the net.
    -- (it has inspired me to change the backcolor of my most used application a text-editor (Metapad3.6) )
    Both BYM and ER are especially helpful late afternoon/early evening when my eyes are tired. Has taken a couple of days getting used to the two hotkey choices (easily customized in Options)
    Color choices are easily customized in Options too.

    I would prefer if the EasyRead/new-tab is created adjacent to the source tab and not after the last tab, because when the temp ER/tab is closed, active-tab defaults to the last tab and not the original source webpage.
    With a lot of tabs open, it can be fiddly retracing back to the source page, sometimes a lot of tab-clicking looking for my original tab.

    9/10 ... definitely a keeper + works perfectly in Palemoon and Firefox :)
  • When turn on BYM changes the "Override the colors Specified by the page with my selections above" to "Always". When turn off BYM changes on "Only with High Contrast themes." Could you do to change on the previous setting, or "never"?
  • When using "FF Deep Dark" theme on Firefox, both address bar and search bar's backgrounds stay white, which causes distraction.

    Easy reading mode would be better if it was automatic, instead of generating a temp file.
  • I think this add-on has been inverting the colors of my QuickNote (I have it set to grey text on black backround) addon window and keeping it that way even if I toggle BYM off
  • If u have it on the bar it is very easy to deactivate it if a particular site does not appear well and then reactivate it again. Very good for night owls! :)
  • Does not work right after ff init. Need to click options every time.
  • This is exactly what I've been looking for, to save my eyes from 'inverse design a brave desing'.
    If design under awsome text you want to read makes you feel dizzy, this is exatly what you are looking for.
  • The default color is good for easy reading when you like,but if I want to browse while using it the lack of background images is a deal-breaker. They can be inverted at least.
  • I'm strongly surprised that only 1000+ users liked this. Black color on white makes eyes extremely tired and this extension can help you avoid this making page white on black by a single click!
    Moreover, it's not overbloated by other useless stuff and does only whats important: invert page colors with hotkey.
  • Thank you I love it and my mom too :)
  • antigamente usava o firebug para mudar o background para preto e letras verdes, agora usando esse complemento facilitou tudo, adore ele, valeu!
  • It provides a cmd+alt+b switch to dark background and white text. It works for me as I like reading in dark on my laptop before sleeping.
  • + Great addon, simple and useful.
    - Lacks whitelist for sites that cannot be read with BYM properly, therefore you should disable and enable it every time you visit those sites.
    - Hides some images when used.
    * Customization per page would be a great feature.