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  • I love it....black&red simply beautiful...5 Stars...
    Thanks for your review !
  • I love dark themes but struggle to find the perfect one as there are always minor aspects that are not appealing. This theme is perfect in most aspects, with the exception of the red orb in the background. I find it distracting and it takes away from the overall appearance. My only change would be eliminate the orb. Otherwise, this theme is great fro the eyes and stylish.
    Hi, Thanks for your feedback!
    The orb can be removed by using a User Style + Stylish (add-on).
    We'll try to find the time for that, in the meanwhile you could try using DOM Inspector to identify all the orbs and hide one by one. We'll publish a User Style as soon as possible ..
  • I want a dark theme for my browser to relax my eyes. Many themes end up having black text on dark grey at places, which makes e.g. a menu unusable. This theme is much better in that respect - the only issues I find are the black text on the current tab, which is unreadable against the dark red/black background (would it be white text (as is the case in the menu: white on dark red/black) and the light gray on dark grey for the address other than the domain. I'd give the fifth star if these were solved...
    Hi, Thanks for your feedback!
    This seems to be a specific bug on your setup, the text should be white.
    Please contact us on http://www.zigboom.com and we'll check it out ..
  • It is good for the eyes. I changed the background homepage with stylish, but was unable to remove the red sphere on other places.
    I don't know why, but the "read view" button disappear when i use this theme.
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    Contact us on http://www.zigboom.com and we'll try to help with writing the style ..
  • Awesome theme, man!
    Thanks AzoresOne ! enjoy !
  • I like everything about this theme except the artsy-craftsy "glow orb" background that appears on the Options tab, Add-on tab, etc. I find it rather juvenile and distracting, and wish it was possible to omit it.
    Hi, Thanks for your feedback!
    OK, considering to move it to an external user style ..
  • Up until yesterday I had always been using the NASA black theme. However, FF 40.0 screwed it up and so I came over to try this one and man do I like this! Think I'll stay with this :)
    Hi Cobra,
    Thanks for your review ! very nice to hear. We keep updating, no worries .. stay with us :)
    Enjoy !
  • Very good looking theme, i searched for a dark/black theme because my old theme got no updates for a longer time and had problems in newest ff versions...

    But what about making this work for thunderbird too? Would be great to see that. :)
    Thanks for your review! Unfortunately we don't have the resources needed in order to develop for Thunderbird (we're fully occupied with web design and maintaining the existing themes).
  • Looks good and works perfectly.

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  • Easily the best skin I've found for firefox...I don't mind the bright and shiny skins, but since I use my computer primarily at night, I prefer a darker skin to minimize any extra glare
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  • keren
  • Nice Theme!

    Will you please let me know - How to enable background image on home page. because My home page have white background in this theme.
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    You'll need to install Stylish first: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stylish/

    Then install:

    & check out some other styles here: https://userstyles.org/users/24480
  • Good looking, complete and different to most other themes.
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  • Gostei bastante! Da uma beleza a mais pro Firefox :D . Obrigado por disponibilizar esse e os outros temas! :D .
    Português - Brasil
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  • As I wrote in the title, after I updated to v.2.2.2 the Add-ons toolbar no longer works in FFv28, at least for me. I went thru all my extensions and found this to be the cause. Otherwise, I love this theme and will stay with v2.2.0.

    Addendum: Thanks to the author for the reply, but I don't want to add yet another extension to simply make this theme work. I'll keep using 2.2.0 since it works with FF28.
    A quick workaround:

    You can fix it with Stylish (add-on for Firefox), then add this short code to a new (empty) user-style. (or use LavaFox 2.2.1)

    #addon-bar {
    visibility: visible !important;
  • Being 58, the 'ol eyes ain't what they used to be. The black toolbars, etc., make them much easier to read as well as reducing glare-induced eyestrain. Thanks so much!
    Thanks Mike for your feedback! I't's great t hear, reducing eye-strain is one of the key concepts behind BlackFox. You're welcome, enjoy!
  • Hi, very nice & ty .
  • das schickste addon für meinen schwarzen dell xps
  • Needs to be updated for Firefox 23.Problems with Ask to Activate button in
    Add-ons manager.Button is present not only in Plugins but also in Extensions,User Scripts etc.
    Thanks Roswell for your review! Please contact us to help track this bug. Working on the next update so let's try to include this fix ..
    Contact: http://www.zigboom.com/contact.html
  • At first, I was confused by the paste/copy/cut buttons because they were excruciatingly too dark to see properly on my set up but I really love love them because they only show up when you highlight the text and tells what operations are available in that situation. For instance my paste button is illuminated and I know that there is something in my buffer from when I made a copy previously. This would have been great 30 years ago when i was using a green screen punch roll memory typesetter. Go Techmen, Bosco Tech, Rosemead.
  • It's an awesome theme, really, but u can make it better, because u know when u close tabs there's that little (x), for this its a circle. If u can put it back to an x, it's visually helpful
    RATING: 4.7
  • Merci pour ce thème !
    C'est mon préféré ! ;-)
    Merci pour votre avis (et Google Translate;-)
  • Still the only theme I use but I would like to get rid of the reddish glow effect and just have it plain black. Is there any way of doing this?
  • Can I revert back to the default theme or is this permanent? I like it, I was just wondering.
  • this is my favourite theme so far

    my only problem is that there is no net tab button (firefox 5.0) is this just me or are is this happening to others too?
    We'll check it out - it's not clear what you mean and anyway, this isn't the right place for bug reports or support requests. Here you can find the link to the forum or you can send a support request directly and get a reply by email: