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  • it look good
  • I use LavaFox Purple, and reviewed that , but this part applies to every ZigBoom Theme.
    LavaFox/BlacFox are Awesome Themes, that Mozilla's "Chrome" Quantum (Firefox v57+) have abandoned, alongside many of mu must have extensions. Thing is they are must have's Quantum isn't, so I ditched it, for Pale Moon.
    This gives some info on keeping your Zigboom Theme.

    ZigBoom's Facebook Post
    -=< The Future of Firefox Themes >=-

    Mozilla announced that Firefox will stop supporting themes when version 57 hits the official channel. Since there are no signs of new theme API, Mozilla is disabling all 3rd party themes on the next version bump.
    Our themes LavaFox & BlackFox will keep supporting other Firefox Forks, mainly Waterfox & Pale Moon.
    The latest theme versions are fully compatible with Waterfox and will keep updating.
    Pale Moon is supported with themes version 2.5.0. Special version will be uploaded to Pale Moon's add-on site as soon as possible.
    All the themes are available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/4710003/

    Previous Versions Links
    So that answers my future concerns, and only leaves the Pale Moon's current v2.5.0 requirement.
    I've worked out the Previous versions link is same format used for the Extensions.
    You Simply add, the next line to any Add-ons base page address

    BlackFox V2 (Main Page Address)

    Adding the versions section, make sure to add a leading "/" if your Firefox address is missing it

    BlackFox V2 Version History

    Install v2.5.0, for Pale Moon until Zigboom can provide the custom Pale Moon Themes, which will be posted here
  • Waterfox (v55.2.2) & Firefox (v56.0.2) Plugins, Flash Video Downloader and Privacy Badger are now broken by Blackfox V2. So gutted as its been my favourite theme for a very long time. And Firefox v57 no longer supports it either.
  • This is my favorite Firefox addon to use for a nice Dark Theme. The recent 57 update however has broken this addon. I hope you guys find a workaround soon, or at least work with Mozilla to convince them to allow components necessary for this addon to function.
  • I love this theme. but it won't let me use it on the updated firefox.
    Thanks for your review ! Firefox blocks all 3rd party themes & legacy add-ons at version 57. You can try Waterfox, it's fully compatible.
  • I loved this Themne. I use it for years now and its much better for the eyes. Sadly it won't work after update to version 57.
    So great for the eyes and you can watch easy videos on YT. Thanks for create this! I wished this would get a update for the newer versions.
    Thanks for your review !
    Sadly Mozilla does not allow 3rd party themes on version 57, we can't do anything about it technically.
    I suggest trying Waterfox, a fork of Firefox that supports new and old add-on systems. It works perfectly with the theme.
  • Incredible great job ,so much easier on the eyes and a pleasure to watch more videos now flawless.Is there a way you can use personas with this .
  • I LOVE IT!
  • Очень эффектно смотрится!
  • This is the slickest skin I have ever seen. The design is done by someone who has put some thought into it! I created an account just to write this review, because the design and is awsome. I have been looking for something like this for a while and now I have found it. Looks sharp!!!
    Thanks you very much for your heart warming review ! Enjoy the new style !!
  • Couldn't ask for a better design. Only question I have is whether you have done any gnome/kde themes like this one??
    Thanks for your review !
    It should work on Firefox for Linux but not yet designed a Linux theme. Please contact us on http://www.zigboom.com with more info and we may give it a try ..
  • Thanks a lot
  • I use to BlackFox V2-Red theme not only in Mozilla Firefox, but also in Mozilla Thunderbird. ;) It`s a pity, what no original theme for Thunderbird.
    Great work!
    P.S. Sorry to my bad english.
    Thanks for your review !
  • the aspect of this theme is spectacular.
    Great work!
    Thank you !
  • A great complete dark theme. Thank you to the developer for a top shelf dark theme. Keep up the good work.
  • I installed this and my browser pulled up and then my jaw dropped and a drawn out wow come out of my mouth. i am already in live with this theme. NICE JOB DEVELOPERS!!!!
  • I absolutely love this Theme.

    Stylish yet Clean. I have been using this Theme for a long time and will continue to do so.
  • This theme is really awesome. I like background of it when I open new window. The component of dark in this theme makes my eyes comfortable when browsing and reading an article.
  • Absolutely amazing. :) A must have for all those dark theme firefox fans like myself. ;)
  • awesome theme ... works fine on iceweasel on a VM *g

    But i have a question:
    My Desktop is a mix of black and a maritime turquoise ... just like the debian grub-screen.

    Is there a way, i can change the red glow into a turqouise glow?

  • I enjoy the colour however would like a darker, less shiny theme.

    This suits me fine at the moment though.

    I would like to add that once I have full-screened the browser, I struggle to move / mnimise the browser window by clicking the top border and dragging it off the top of the screen. It works sometimes - but then doesn't... trying another part of the border sometimes helps-so its buggy somehow- I have to click one of the buttons top right
    Thanks for your review !
    For support requests & bug reports please contact us: http://www.zigboom.com