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  • perfekt
  • Kut op je tel weerkt het niet
  • slecht ik wou nul geven "deze add is niet comptabel met uw firefox :-(
  • POS! Enough said.
  • Черно и удобно смотреть ночью
  • Since today Youtube has its own dark theme built into the website, this add-on has now become obsolete. Thank you Panosbabo for making this add-on and supporting it for years!
  • leider wird "Fenster mit mehreren Prozessen" deaktiviert. Außerdem sind einige Elemente schlecht lesbar.
  • Some of the objects are a little dark, and when writing comments one receives the typical white background with dark text, until you post it. otherwise great theme for people who hate all the white space and think dark themes are better.
  • Otimo
  • На современных версиях (51.х) не работает, но можно использовать совместно с Dark Yotube Theme. Текст будет читаем.
  • Error: document.domain is null
  • Only the search bar is blackened, the rest is white as normal. Until an update, avoid this addon
  • The black background is globally working but a few elements are not displayed (black on black is invisible).

    But the main issue above all is the annoying "[Javascript error] document.domain is null" which might be displayed as many times as youtube tabs you got loading during firefox boot (I have to click 15 to 20 times on the message box's ok button...awful).

    Could be good add-on otherwise.
  • so happy for this, also installed google black, same author , would be perfect if we had a Wikipedia black :)
  • When will the javascript messages be fixed (every time when starting Firefox 10 JavaScript errors)
  • Few things... Nice add on and I thank you, but it throws errors every time I open a restore... "Error: document.domain is null"

    Also integration is p[patchy. Comments are on a white background as are elements like sliders when viewing added feeds.
    Close but you kill me with the JavaScript pop up and error chime
  • the font colour while typing comments is light grey and I cant see what im typing.
  • Finally an app that actually works! Well done!!
  • Can't complain.
  • The only complaints I might lodge at the addon is that the side bar button is a bit too close to the Youtube Logo/Button causing me to accidentally click on one instead of the other, The Subtitles having a weird backround, and the other buttons, (for instance the like button) are all varying degrees of black instead of a different color combination, such as black/white. But again these are all nitpicks, A great fix for a terrible terrible design trend. Now do one for twitter!
  • Hi! I'm a huge fan of this add-on, I've had it ever since I discovered it. But now Mozilla has disabled it 'cause it isn't "signed in", saying that it won't be on again till the developer "signs" it. I can always reinstall it each time I start the browser, but it's annoying, and also unfair. I hope you can find a solution to this, as the Black YouTube theme is simply awesome. Thanks!
  • I didn't install this standalone add-on, I have the stylish black youtube by Panos and feels awesome.
    Also the theme is too updated and when something is wrong or bugged is fixed in no more than 24 hours.
    Youtube must give us by default an option to choose between Black Youtube and Eyes-cancer Youtube. Meanwhile this plugin is an excellent alternative.
  • Najlepszy na swiecie ever forever
  • oh thank you Creator for my ASMR videos are way more effective than the stressy white
  • Works great for me. I never understood why so many website are plain white, with little black text. This new medium is emulating an obsolete one, a newspaper. That is what nearly every white site looks like, a newspaper. White screens are hard on my poor eyes, and this add-on is WONDERFUL!! THANK YOU! Is there any chance you are making something similar for Google Plus? That would be awesome!