82 reviews for this add-on
  • please make for Firefox 35.0
  • Given the lack of activity I am guessing this theme is done. Too bad. RIP.
  • This is the best theme for firefox ever made.

    When will be the FF 4 version available?

  • chevere gracias
  • My favorite/the best theme for Firefox. Sleek and stylish with small black and white buttons. The simplicity in its minimalistic design make me rate it at 100%...
  • Awesome Theme... Thank you
    you have my vote :)
  • Very nice theme.
  • use a Theme called Nasa Night Launch it is better

  • cool addon theme
  • Why not create a them where you can't see any text or toolbar items at all ?
  • so-so
  • muy buen temas
  • esta como anillo al dedo :D le queda de maravilla a mi tema visual de OS
  • Es El Mejor Tema
  • also i am using the bookmarks toolbar
  • found a problem when you use icons only it doesn't blend fix please i am not sure is this is a bug sould i report it?
  • I was just passing most of the themes up, but previously downloaded a couple thinking, "eh, this one's alright, guess I'll give it a shot", and saw yours and yours was the first one that I was like, "WOOOW!! I want THAT one!" In Chinese words, zhen hao!
  • in the photo it look cool. but it dont seem to work with firefox 3.6 beta1.
    Could you please send me what operating support system you are using. I currently have no problems installing it on 3.6 beta

  • love it make more
  • I don't like the white line that separates the adrees bar from the search bar
  • Neat but too much white 4 me, especially in the sidebar - will stick with Glaze Black
  • i love you fart machine
  • 标签栏有些难认,但还算好看的
  • I really do like this theme but text on the bookmarks toolbar and tabs is a little hard to read. Very nice though.
  • any chance you could get this to work with flock