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36 reviews for this add-on
  • Muy bien adaptado y muy buen contraste.

  • keren ...

  • Fantastic, except for a bit in the title bar, about 2/3 of the way to the right that does no properly follow the gradient. It looks to have been edited in paint, and it's very, very distracting and annoying once you see it.

  • Simple and effective

  • TOP

  • I do not want my navigation bar in white.

  • Отстой!!!
    Примитивизм и божество!!!
    Верните старые темы

  • It doesn't make the dropdowns dark. Meh

  • Mto bom visual!

  • massa

  • pTheme!

  • It's good

  • Its clean and well organized

  • ...hübsch - Danke dafür!

  • Perfect

  • Very similar to the all other black themes though.

    Developer response

    All the others are similar to mine you mean, including your own?


  • Schwarz ist immer gut...

  • very nice

  • awesome them

  • Black Shine
    非常好 very good

  • It fits beautifully in my toolbox and causes no distraction. I combined this light theme my own complete theme and it looks terrific! It could not have a more appropriate name because that is what it added to my setting.

  • simple and good

  • Love it! Using it now.

  • Looks terrific !

  • This theme goes great with the Color Tabs Add-On. Really makes the different colors stand out. :D

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