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  • Very easy to use, it works without problems.
  • Really great. First password manager I have kept because it is so user friendly.
  • Finally Complete.
    I'm always on the lookout for better apps the the one I'm using. Bitwarden was, and then wasn't, and now is again. The free syncing is great, and between my browsers, iOS devices, and Android devices, I'm able to get to what I need. The developer recently added support for iOS 12's Password Autofill, which was the only thing I felt was missing. The developer is also responsive to feedback, and users get that warm feel-good feeling of using an open-source solution. Absolutely recommend over Dashlane and OnePassword; LastPass is pretty much on-par and a larger company, so YMMV when it comes to what you want to support.
  • just as good and a wee bit better than last pass Easy to use. .
  • Nagyon jó. Jobban szeretem, mint a Lastpass-t. Megéri megvenni, megéri a pénzét, célszerű támogatni a fejlesztőt.
  • 能多个终端同时登录不掉线。比较方便在多个浏览器无缝使用。
  • Fantastic open source password manager. I can use it across all my devices and browsers. Keep up the great work.
  • Fantastic integration.
  • Awesome addon. I recently switched from LastPass cause it was having so many problems. Glad I made the decision. Importing was super easy. I love the UI and the keyboard shortcut. It takes LESS clicks to login (and no click if you use keyboard shortcut) compare to LastPass, which is a HUGE time saver! The only thing that I wish was that there was a 24h lock option (independent of browser close), since I like to type my pw once a day, rather than multiple times every hour or never at all. Please add this! Overall, I'm very happy with the addon.
  • This is an amazing, completely FREE , multi platform password manager(WEB, Desktop, Mobile) and it's open source. The only thing I wish it had was a VPN (ofc paid).
  • Fan Tas Tic! Lastpass, please go home. Simpy the best.
  • Works perfectly well. Use this on my android, chrome, and firefox.
  • The add-on is not working on Firefox 62.0 - it keeps crashing and closing itself upon adding new logins. Something is wrong - I have to login to my bitwarden vault in order to add new logins.

    Please fix this asap.
    We have not been able to reproduce any problems with Firefox 62. Is this still an issue for you?
  • The best password manager for Firefox. And it's free and open source. I use it on all my devices.
  • Easy to use, just perfect!
  • Nachdem ich reichlich diverse Passwort-Manager (ca. 20) ausprobiert habe, bin ich jetzt bei Bitwarden gelandet und bin sehr zufrieden damit. Er bietet genau das, auf was ich besonderen Wert lege:

    - einfache Bedienung
    - übersichtliches Interface
    - sehr gute Integration in Firefox
    - Importfunktion für alte Passwörter
    - Zugangsdaten werden bei allen (!) Webseiten zuverlässig erfasst
    - Mehrfach-Accounts bei derselben Webseite sind problemlos möglich

    Danke an die Entwickler!
  • Einfach schlicht und gut.... so wie es sein soll ! Es ist eine fuktionelle Erweiterung und die perfekte Ergänzung zum Web - Modul und der Desctop - Anwendung....
    Dickes Lob....
  • Free and open source password manager. Tons of features.
  • I switched to Bitwarden from LastPass for the FireFox Android extension support and I'm very happy with it. Excellent app on all my devices!
  • great password manager
  • I like it. Simple. Secure.
  • Easy to use and great
  • I like that Bitwarden is available for a low cost and offers pretty much the same features as 1Password and the likes. The Firefox Quantum extension is nicely done with a beautiful UI and feature set.
  • Einfach der beste Passwortmanager, den es gibt. Er ist kostenlos, hat eine sehr gute Usability, kann Daten von vielen Passwortmanagern importieren und am Handy ist die Benutzung sehr einfach.
  • 使用简单,速度很快,界面很清爽