Simply Awesome Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Using ruTorrent 3.5 (with rTorrent 0.9.3/0.13.3) and this works swimmingly! Would be cool if there was a context menu option to download a torrent/magnet link using a local client, might develop it myself if I can find the time.Also, do you have a public repository of this plugin on Github, Google code or anything? Would be easier for the community to contribute if so.Made this account simply to write this review, also the first time I've donated to an add-on developer. So glad to not have to copy the link address and paste it anymore. Made my day!

EDIT: Yes, I noticed that but I'd prefer a context menu option as well as it would be quicker to toggle on or off. Or even a keyboard shortcut.

Yeah, public repos are great. Easier to maintain the project if the code is easily accessible to other people so others may join in development.

No problem, do something cool with it.

Thanks a lot for your review.

One of the good things with this addon is that it has the ability to work with both a remote and local torrent client simultaneously.
Simply click the addon icon to enable it and the torrent links will be captured by the addon and sent to your remote client.
If you then click the icon again to disable it the torrent links will no longer be captured and will open up with your local client normally.

Thanks a lot for your donation they're quite a rare thing.
I don't have a google code repository but that might be a good idea to create one for it...

EDIT: I've set up a google code repository now: